Magellan Coolers vs Yeti

Magellan Coolers vs Yeti: An In-Depth Comparison

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We’ve been hearing a lot lately about Magellan coolers and how they fare against other brands. Today, we’re comparing two formidable names in the cooler world: Magellan Coolers vs Yetis.

Magellan coolers have managed to combine quality, durability, and performance at competitive prices! While Yeti coolers have all the trimmings of a high-end chest.

In this post, we’ll tell you what to expect from each brand and which gives you the best bang for your buck.

Let’s get started!

Magellan Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: A Brief Overview

As part of the Academy brand, Magellan coolers are available in hard and soft exteriors. They come in a wide range of sizes for outdoor use. Another excellent feature of Magellan coolers is their affordability. Yeti is considered a pioneer. This is a brand that’s managed to make coolers stylish. They also offer premium, high-quality features.

Image Product Details   Price
YETI Roadie 24 Cooler YETI Roadie 24 Cooler Best Overall Check Price
Magellan Outdoors IceBox 55 qt Hard Cooler Magellan Outdoors IceBox Budget Pick Check Price

The Complete Rundown

Read on to find out which of these two big names is right for you.

Build Quality and Design

YETI Roadie 24 Cooler, Charcoal

If you’re looking for a durable, premium cooler at a low price, then Magellan is your best bet. This brand offers high-quality performance exceeded only by its tidy-looking exterior.

Their durability is also another plus. They’re made via a process known as rotational molding.

After being roto-molded in a polyethylene shell, they’re then injected with a custom-made pressurized foam. This is what helps boost their performance and increase their durability.

Wheels and retractable handles are two other handy features. You can check them out on the Magellan Outdoors IceBox 75-quart Wheeled Cooler.

Then, you have the stylish-looking Yetis, with their catchy choice of colors and layouts. Still, looking great has never gotten in the way of their stability and solid performance.

Yeti coolers are all about making a fashion statement. Of course, on top of that, they offer premium durability standards and flawless design.

No matter what shape, size, or model you go with, Yeti products are sure to hold up to anything you throw their way.

Take a look at the sturdy wheels, like on the Yeti Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler, and the curved handle design. These ice chests are designed to be long-lasting and indestructible. Their solid build and aesthetically appealing design make them the go-to cooler for many.


Magellan hard coolers come in several sizes to suit as many consumers as possible. Their soft coolers also come in several sizes, but that’s a post for another day.

The coolers in their line of Outdoors IceBox hard coolers start at size 20 and go all the way up to 75. Here are a few more size options:

  • IceBox 25
  • IceBox 35
  • IceBox 40 Rolling Cooler
  • IceBox 50
  • IceBox 55

Yeti coolers also offer a wide variety of sizes for that ultimate outdoor adventure. The smallest is the 24-quart cooler, while their largest is the formidableTundra 350-quart cooler.

Other coolers in the Tundra line include:

  • Tundra 35
  • Tundra 45
  • Tundra 65
  • Tundra Haul
  • Tundra 75
  • Tundra 105
  • Tundra 110
  • Tundra 125
  • Tundra 160
  • Tundra 210
  • Tundra 250

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So, can we rely on these coolers to do what they’re supposed to? Can they manage to preserve ice for days on end? When we compare Magellan Coolers vs Yeti, you know it’s all about functionality!

We mentioned how rotational molding helps shape the cooler into a stronger build. Yet, it’s also one of the best ways to ensure high insulation levels.

In addition, Magellan coolers have an impenetrable shell that helps resist UV rays. This helps keep everything inside nice and chilled during your entire trip.

Another feature that helps boost ice retention is the placement of the gasket. These removable rubber seals help guarantee up to a week of perfectly preserved ice.

Other things that affect insulation are the stainless steel locking plates and T-latches. Once you’ve closed the ice chest, these will boost insulation for even longer.

The designers at Yeti Coolers know what they’re doing when it comes to insulation. Almost all coolers, like the Yeti Tundra 45, feature a 3-inch wall of PermaFrost insulation.

They also come with another layer, known as FatWall. This wall adds extra insulation, and, the cherry on top, it’s certified as Bear-Resistant.

Aesthetic Features

We now know that Magellan coolers are durable and functional. So, what about their looks?

Most Yeti coolers come in amazing color choices. Take the Yeti Roadie 24. It’s available in 10 color choices. They’re all so attractive, it’s hard to pick just one!

On the other hand, many large-sized Magellan coolers come in three color choices: gray, blue/gray, and brown. These neutral tones can feel a bit drab.

The small ones, like the Magellan Outdoors IceBox 20, come in 20 color choices. That’s pretty impressive for a small-sized cooler!

Here are several aspects both Magellan and Yeti coolers have in common:

  • Anti-skid feet: help prevent coolers from sliding and slipping during transportation
  • T-latches: easy to use, extremely resilient, and boost insulation
  • Drain plug: comes with a built-in hose attachment for complete, no-fuss draining
  • Removable straps or retractable arm handles, depending on the model
  • Wire baskets and multi-purpose dividers


Magellan coolers are known for their affordable, budget-friendly prices. Yet, to be able to offer those low prices, you’d think they’d have to compromise quality and performance.

However, at Magellan, they know the importance of providing their customers with the highest level of quality. So, with Magellan coolers, you pay less, but still, get a reliable and well-built product.

Now, compare that with Yeti coolers, which are probably the most expensive on the market. They’re also one of the most trustworthy and highly durable brands that never disappoint.

The Bottom Line

We hope our Magellan Coolers vs Yetis review has everything you’re looking for in an ice chest. We wanted to look at each brand to give you a glimpse into what each brand name has to offer.

Both Magellan and Yeti have great features. The one striking difference is that Magellan IceBoxes are more affordable. Though, their durability and ice retention closely match that of Yeti coolers.

So, at the end of the day, it’s all about your personal choice. Think about your budget, then it’s all downhill from there.