Thermarest Dreamtime vs Mondoking

Thermarest Dreamtime vs Mondoking: A Full Comparison

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Do you enjoy camping out in the open but dread sleeping on the ground? Then, a high-quality camping mattress would do you good.

In today’s article, I’m sharing a full comparison of Thermarest Dreamtime vs Mondoking to help you decide which one is right for your needs and budget.

Thermarest Dreamtime vs Mondoking Overview

The Thermarest Dreamtime camping mattress is designed with a focus on warmth and versatility, whereas the Mondoking camping mattress is built around improved comfort and ease of use. When it comes to durability, both models show similar performances with sturdy materials that support longevity. As for the price, Dreamtime and Mondoking cost the same, more or less, which is on the expensive side considering other inflatable options.

ImageProductDetails  Price
Thermarest Mondoking Mattress Thermarest Mondoking camping mattressBetter for Comfort & Ease of Use Check Price
Thermarest Dreamtime Mattress Thermarest Dreamtime camping mattressBetter for Warmth & VersatilityCheck Price



The Dreamtime camping mattress consists of a detachable fleece cover, a foam pillow, and a foam-core mattress of 2.5 inches thickness. These 3 elements make it very comfy, although the 77 x 30 inches area doesn’t exactly let you sprawl out.

The cover is super soft, proving to be a valuable asset even if you decide to sleep outside of your sleeping bag in warm weather. Additionally, the foam topper is smooth without any ridges or baffles to interrupt your sleeping space, which is similar to beds at home.

On the other hand, the Mondoking camping mattress features vertical sidewalls to maximize the sleeping area and let you spread out across the entire 80 x 30 inches surface. It’s also equipped with a 4-inch foam core that’s easily adjustable to give you an ideal firmness no matter your sleeping position.

The updated version of this mattress has a wave-like texture and is a lot easier to roll up. Additionally, it’s more lightweight and comes with a soft cover that’s both non-sticky and non-slippery.


The Dreamtime camping mattress has an R-value rated at 10, which is quite high. This is mainly because its design isn’t focused on reduced weight and improved portability like the more packable sleeping mats.

As a rule of thumb, an R-value rating of 5 provides enough warmth for the majority of 3-season camping adventures, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about cold-wise with the Dreamtime. It’s an excellent choice for hunting trips or any other cold-weather camping situation as it’ll keep you warm and cozy.

On the other hand, the latest Mondoking version is rated at an R-value of 7, which is a bit lower than Dreamtime. The reason is probably the new interior, which possesses a ridged foam construction.

As mentioned above, an R-value of 5 is usually enough to keep you warm during most 3-season trips. So, the Mondoking offers plenty of warmth for winter camping trips and should keep you nice and toasty, unless you’re someone who gets especially cold.

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Ease of Use

The Dreamtime camping mattress is pretty simple to figure out, featuring the company’s staple twist valves that never leak or pop open during the night. At the bottom, this pad has 2 straps to keep it rolled up when not in use.

When it’s time to sleep, squeeze the straps’ buckles on the straps so the mat rolls out, open the valve to start inflating the mattress until you reach your desired firmness, and then quickly close the valve (it’s 2-way).

The Mondoking, on the other hand, features updated valves that are clearly labeled ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ instead of the older 2-way twist valves. The new valves are larger so that more air can enter and leave in less time, which makes them a lot easier to use.

While you can blow up the Mondoking by mouth, it’s better if you use the stuff sack to avoid getting lightheaded. Doubling as an inflation sack, the stuff sack attaches to the valve so you can blow air at a relaxed pace.

Packed Size

Both the Dreamtime and Mondoking camping mattresses are among the largest candidates on the market when it comes to packed size, with the former being slightly bigger. As such, if you’re low on space or you’re bringing multiple mats on the trip, you may want to keep searching for a more foldable mattress.

Granted, they can be a lot more compact by removing the foam toppers (if possible), but what you’ll reduce in terms of space will significantly cut down on comfort and warmth.

However, if you’re bringing a car for the camping trip, you should have no issues taking any of these Thermarest mattresses with you. Unless you’re stacking a dozen of them in the back of your vehicle, these pads won’t take up too much space.


The Dreamtime camping mattress is bigger when packed up, which automatically makes it inferior in the versatility department. Since you can’t cram it into a suitcase or carry it for long distances, you can’t use it for hikes, backpacking trips, or even fit it comfortably inside a standard 2-people tent.

The same generally goes for the Mondoking camping mattress. You can’t take it on a backpacking trip because it’s bulky and heavy when packed up, weighing in at about 5.5 pounds.

Price and Value

A lot of campers make their purchasing decisions based on price and how well the item in question fits their budget, so let’s get to it. Price-wise, both mattresses are pretty similar, with the Dreamtime costing a few bucks more than the Mondoking.

That being said, neither the Dreamtime nor the Mondoking is cheap, particularly when compared to an affordable memory foam mattress and lighter sleeping pad on the market. Both models offer great value for money though, where the Dreamtime focuses on warmth and versatility, while the Mondoking focuses on comfort and ease of use.

Also, both camping mattresses are equally impressive when it comes to durability.

Wrap Up

So, which one should you choose in the Thermarest Dreamtime vs Mondoking showdown? Well, the answer depends on what concerns you most as a camper.

If you’re more worried about warmth and versatility, then the Thermarest Dreamtime camping mattress can be the right option for your needs. But if comfort and ease of use are what matters most to you, then I’d recommend the Thermarest Mondoking camping mattress.