Jayco vs Grand Design

Jayco vs Grand Design: A Brief Comparison

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According to the RV Industry Association, over 46 million Americans are planning to enjoy an RV trip within the next 12 months!

With all brands that saturate the travel trailers and RV market today, picking a suitable option for your time off can be quite tricky, even if you choose top brands, such as Jayco and Grand Design!

To help you with the process of choosing, today, I’ll put Jayco vs Grand Design in a brief comparison in terms of features, price, models, and more to help you pick the one more suitable for you.

Let’s jump right in!

Jayco vs Grand Design Overview

If you’re looking for more models and floor plans to choose from, Jayco should be your way to go. They have a relatively higher resale value and a much better warranty policy and customer care. Alternatively, Grand Design is an excellent budget-friendly choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive RV that’s built with quality and reliability in mind.

A Brief Comparison Between Jayco and Grand Design RVs

Jayco vs Grand Design

Let’s have an in-depth look at some of the most significant and core differences between the two RV brands:

Brand Recognition

Both Jayco and Grand Design are originally family-owned businesses. Jayco is a much older player that has been around since the 1960s while Grand Design is a much more modern brand that was established in 2012 by a group of close friends.

In 2016, both companies were acquired by large conglomerates while letting the same board continue managing and innovating new models.

Variety of Models

When it comes to the variety of models offered by Jayco and Grand Design, Jayco wins this pretty easily.

With more than 60 years on their belt, Jayco offers a huge variety of models with many award-winning and successful ones.

The latest line of trailers offered by Jayco includes the Flight, Feather, Feather Micro, SLX 7 and 8, the White Hawk, and the Eagle.

On the other hand, Grand Design has a decent number of trailers, with the latest ones being the Transcend and Transcend XPLOR, the Reflection, and the Imagine XLS.

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Design and Comfort

Not only do they offer more models, but Jayco also offers more floor plan options, which allows you to enjoy a broader level of comfort and choose the interior design to suit both your taste and budget.

Grand Design focuses on creating a solid RV at a decently solid price. However, they also do a pretty good job at offering comfort in their mid and top-tier models.


Both Jayco and Grand Design offer a decent level of safety when it comes to their floor plans. However, Jayco offers a bit safer system on the road.

The company uses the Safety Marker and Reverse Travel system, also known as SMART, to improve the RV’s visibility to other drivers from all directions.

Grand Design RVs lack a variety of safety features, such as galvanized steel wheel protection and the LED exterior lighting system that Jayco has.


Jayco is known for being on the pricier end of the scale when it comes to RVs. In fact, the price of a baseline model in Jayco’s fleet is almost comparable to Grand Design’s mid-tier model with a basic floor plan.

So if you’re on a strict budget but you want to enjoy some quality time in a well-built RV, Grand Design is typically your way to go!


One of the main reasons why Jayco RVs are more expensive comes from the company’s extensive warranty system.

The company has a unique policy that offers 2 years of limited warranty and 3 years of structural warranty.

On the other hand, Grand Design still offers a basic 1-year warranty as well as a 3-year structural warranty.

So, I have to give this one to Jayco as well, especially if you’re not handy with the vehicle’s maintenance.

Which RV Brand Is More Suitable for Rental?

When it comes to rentals, the choices will vary greatly because you won’t have to worry about warranty, customer service, or resale value.

Instead, you only focus on enjoying a comfortable RV with a decent level of safety as well as having a decent price, as it impacts the rental price too.

In that case, I’d personally recommend Jayco because it offers a generally more enjoyable package for someone who doesn’t have to worry about maintenance or long-term commitment to the RV.

Also, due to the availability of its models and high resale value, its rental rates are quite similar to Grand Design.


How Many Service Centers Do Jayco and Grand Design Have?

Since both brands are currently owned by a larger conglomerate, the two brands have benefited from their parent companies’ large networks of service centers that you can find all across the United States and Canada.

Although both companies won’t disclose the exact number of service centers that they deal with, the two companies made it quite easy for the RV owners to find the closest service center to them via locator tools.

To do that, simply visit the brands’ website and type in your zip code in the tool. This should be the “Dealer Locator” in Jayco or “Shopping Tools” in Grand Design.

Does Jayco Have a Good Resale Value?

Jayco RVs and trailers are built with quality in mind. Thanks to the solid constructions and innovative features, the brand is known for having one of the best resale values among all RV types on the market, including popular brands like Keystone, Grand Design, and Forest River.


This wraps it up for today’s guide that compares Jayco vs Grand Design. This guide should give you a quick look at all the information you need to know before buying or renting an RV from the two brands.

Based on the information provided above, both of these brands are excellent and innovative. Although both of them are currently owned by parent companies, they’re still managed by the original owners that founded them.

Since the two brands are highly praised by their owners, the choice here boils down to your budget, purpose, and personal preferences.