Jayco vs Starcraft

Jayco Vs Starcraft: Which RV Brand Is Better? (2021)

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Since Jayco took Starcraft as its subsidiary in 1991, comparisons between the two have been on the rise. Jayco’s original plan was to run Starcraft as a separate brand with its own line-up. But as the years flew by, their line-ups blurred together, and they now share more similarities than differences.

It’s up to the point that some Starcraft models have the same floor plans as Jayco trailers.

If you’re lost in the Jayco vs Starcraft fight, I’ll tell you all about the two companies’ products, and I’ll help you reach a conclusion of which is better for your needs.

Jayco Vs Starcraft: The Verdict

Starcraft is the more affordable version of Jayco, but its RVs are just as durable because they’re constructed in the same way. Jayco’s RVs may be better for long-term owning because they’re more comfortable, but Starcraft offers more models, making it more suitable for renting. The lower price is also a plus.

A Detailed Comparison

Starcraft has been leading the market long before Jayco was born. Does that mean it’s better? Not necessarily. Let’s find out!

Frames & Construction

Starcraft’s main priority is staying consistent in terms of quality. The company wants its products to keep their glory, no matter how long they’ve been in the market. That’s why the manufacturers developed the Magnum Roof System to be 50% stronger and more durable.

This roof system may be the company’s strongest selling point, but it doesn’t stop at it. Starcraft also reinforces its sidewalls and floors with TuffShell vacuum-bonded lamination. The lamination ensures all parts of the RV stay attached and don’t move an inch, even under tough pull adhesion tests.

For the walls, Starcraft uses high-quality fiberglass, aluminum chassis, and metal backers. All parts are highly durable, and they can withstand extreme weather conditions like they’re nothing.

Moving on to Jayco, the company is best known for its roof systems. It offers several systems, but the most celebrated ones are the Magnum Truss and the Mangun Truss XL6. The Magnum Truss is said to bear a load of 4,500 pounds, which is quite impressive for an RV.

Along with the rockhard roofs, Jayco RVs also come with climate shields for better durability.

Not to mention, the company uses custom-made frames for all of its RVs. Other companies use stock frames, which more often than not need to be manipulated to accommodate the trailer.

Of course, this gives Jayco leverage over its competitors.


Surprisingly, Starcraft offers more models than Jayco. It often comes as a surprise for people since Jayco is the mother company. However, I believe it’s only natural, seeing as Starcraft already uses most of Jayco’s qualities.

The manufacturers only need to think of creating new models for everyone, rather than getting stressed about the roof systems or construction. Jayco already has that covered.

Here are some of the models Starcraft offers:

  • Comet
  • Emblem
  • Travel Star
  • GPS
  • Centennial
  • Homestead
  • Toy Hauler
  • Lexion S-Lite
  • Launch
  • Launch Ultra Lite

Jayco has plenty of models too, but it doesn’t have a model for every user like Starcraft does. Here are some of its best models:

  • Hummingbird
  • Jay Flight
  • Seneca
  • Melbourne
  • North Point
  • Jay Feather
  • Pinnacle
  • White Hawk

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When looking for an RV to rent, you probably don’t give much thought to potential issues and durability. You won’t own the RV long enough to encounter either, so in this case, the priority is to find an RV that fulfills your needs.

There’s a higher chance you’ll find what you’re looking for at Starcraft. The company offers more models and at more affordable prices than Jayco. So I’d say they’re more suitable for rental.

Jayco’s RVs are still highly comfortable, and they have luxurious interiors. However, that adds to their rental price, and you won’t own the RV long enough to enjoy its facilities.

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Starcraft is best known for its high-quality construction. It’s the reason many users are scouring the market looking for its trailers, ditching older and more reputable companies like Jayco and Coachmen.

The RVs are highly durable, and they’re designed to fit all weather conditions. The interiors will keep you warm in the frosting cold, and the thick walls will stand against the strong wind.

On the other hand, Jayco’s most prominent feature is its warranties. The company claims to be the best on the market in terms of warranties, and I think it lives up to its claims. All Jayco RVs come with two-year warranties covering the vehicle for 24,000 miles.

If you’re buying a newer model, Jayco offers a 3-year structural warranty for its models after 2020. The warranty covers the whole frame of the RV, including the roof, floors, and sidewalls.

Jayco trailers also come with 15 different warranties from suppliers. Suppose you have Goodyear tires on your trailer; you’ll have those covered by a warranty. The same goes for any component inside that’s covered by a manufacturer warranty.


A lot of people are wary of Starcraft because it’s supposedly the more affordable version of Jayco. Typically, this means it has some cheaper finishes, the potential for more repairs, and fewer facilities. It’s not that big of a deal if you’re looking for an affordable RV, but it may be a setback for a lot of users.

On the other hand, Jayco’s main drawback is the warranty issues. The warranty repairs aren’t fulfilled by Jayco. Instead, you get them through a different dealership, which typically means you can run into more issues.

Many Jayco users complained of the warranty repair issues, but there weren’t many complaints about the quality and comfort of the RVs.

Wrap Up

Since Jayco is the mother company of Starcraft, it typically has leverage over it in terms of reputation and quality. Surprisingly, Starcraft takes the cake for being the company with the most models. Meaning, you have a higher chance of finding what you’re looking for at Starcraft. The affordable prices are also a bonus.