Jayco Jay Feather Review

Jayco Jay Feather Review – Everything You Need to Know

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In this article, you’re going to learn about the Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailers.

This guide also includes all you need to know about:

  • The history of the brand.
  • The brand’s top features and pros.
  • The drawbacks.
  • The differences between models.
  • The special features of the Jayco Feather line, and so much more.

So, if you want to read a comprehensive Jayco Jay Feather review, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s dive right in.

General Features of Jayco Trailers

Being on the road comes with a lot of benefits, but the challenges aren’t to be neglected. This is why you need to spend enough time focusing on all the tools and equipment that you will need once you’ve decided to spend a long time in a trailer. When it comes to travel trailers, the quality, safety, and accessories included are crucial.

If you have previously spent time on the road, you’ve probably come across a Jayco trailer several times. This top-selling brand offers several well-built RV models, which are easily recognized by their blue logo, which symbolizes the free-style living that you can enjoy while spending time on a trailer.

About the Brand

With a special focus on craftsmanship, Jayco trailers managed to become popular among loyal customers who trust the brand’s quality. There are multiple layouts to choose from, so you will be able to find a choice that suits your needs and budget.

Jayco’s journey started in the 1960s when Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager began working on their dream, building their first prototype of a folding camping trailer. The unique lifter system became extremely popular among outdoor enthusiasts, allowing the company to expand its sales.

Throughout the years, the company managed to introduce new models to cater to the needs of outdoor lovers who were ready to give up the luxury of living at home to enjoy the freedom while traveling the road with their friends and family members.

After being sold to RV conglomerate Thor Industries in 2016, the company is still family-run. According to Derald Bontrager, the current CEO and son of Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager, Jayco’s secret is that they treat everyone like family. This includes customers, employees, and dealers.

Jayco offers different types of RVs and trailers that come in various floor plans.

  • Jay Feather Micro: This is a line of lightweight travel trailers with all the essentials.
  • Jay Feather: Offering the choice between the tent and hard wall floor plans, the Feather line offers highly versatile and lightweight travel trailers for families and groups.
  • White Hawk: With more features and accessories, these trailers are still exceptional in their weight class.
  • Jay Flight SLX 7: These travel trailers are specifically designed based on your region to offer you everything you’ll need when you’re on the road.
  • Jay Flight SLX 8: These trailers offer enough stretch for big families and groups.
  • Jay Flight: Thanks to the legendary construction of this RV, it’s been one of the most popular choices for more than 15 years.
  • Jay Flight Bungalow: Whether you choose to park it at a camp or take it on the road, this trailer is your home away from home, especially on extended stays.
  • Eagle HT Travel Trailers: These trailers are perfect for half-ton trucks with all the amenities and comfort you would need away from home.
  • Eagle Travel Trailers: With unique and renewed exteriors, these trailers will be the perfect choice for long road trips.

When you visit the company’s website, you can use the buyer’s guide tool. It helps you pick the right trailer that suits your needs. Whether you would like to tow your RV, drive it, or haul toys in it, you will find what you’re looking for.

Once you have decided on the purpose, you can pick your other requirements, including the class of the RV, the number of people who are likely to travel on the trailer, its length, and the essential features and accessories.

You can also go on a virtual tour, where you can view the trailer in 360 degrees to see how it will feel and look like. You can check out all the options available for the internal décor to make sure that your trailer will be made just the way you like it.

Jayco Jay Feather Review: Important Considerations


Jayco Jay Feather is a smart trailer with plenty of exterior and interior storage facilities to make your time away from home extremely comfortable. There are several plans available, and all offer enough interior space to pack toys, gear, or whatever you will need when you’re on the road.

The skylight and roof vent in the bathroom offer the luxury you would expect from this brand. Moreover, the bed’s comfort is unmatched, so you can relax and sleep wherever you go. There are currently 14 models in the Feather line, so you will definitely find the trailer you’re looking for.

There are lots of similarities between the Jay Feather Hybrids and Travel Trailers. However, the Travel Trailers offer the outside camp kitchen, while the Hybrids offer the vacuum-bonded walls and bed platforms.


Given all their features and amenities, Jayco Jay Feather trailers are reasonably priced. They offer good value for money because each trailer is packed with amazing essentials that you will definitely need if you decide to spend the camping season in your RV or decide to take it further and make it a second home. Some of these features aren’t available in other brands.

When it comes to choosing a travel trailer, safety always comes first. The good news is that Jayco Jay offers several different models, so you can easily find something within your budget range.

The X17Z model costs $ 27,788 if you choose to buy the Customer Value package. The price will increase if you add a few amenities and accessories like the Solar Power package, a 24-inch LED TV, heated tank pads, or a heated bed mat.

If you have a big family or are planning to explore the road with your friends, you can check out the 30QB model, which is big enough to accommodate up to 10 people. This model’s starting price is $ 44,753, but the cost will increase depending on the extra features you choose to install.


Jayco Jay offers a 2-year or 24,000 miles of warranty on their motorized products. This warranty is twice what other brands offer.

Starting with their 2020 models, the structural warranty offers another year on structural products like walls, floors, and roof assembly. With these long-term warranties, you will be able to travel on your trailer safely.

Jayco also offers 15 different warranties from their suppliers. These warranties cover the amenities and accessories inside your trailer like the fridge, TV, walls, and tires. The duration of each warranty depends on the supplier.

All warranty information and user manual are available online and in print for easy and fast access.


Generally speaking, Jayco Jay Feather trailers have improved over the years. This is why it’s likely to find more complaints from the older models compared to the new ones.

  • Despite the warranty, there were some incidents where people had to go back and forth before something was fixed or replaced.
  • With older models, some spare parts will be more challenging to find. If your trailer needs maintenance, you might wait for a while before the trailer is ready for use. Some customers weren’t satisfied with dealing with the dealerships for repair.
  • Some people had problems with folding up the tent ends, especially elderly people, those with mobility problems, or people who weren’t that strong.

Top Features

Jayco Jay Feather is a line of lightweight travel trailers. The weight of different models ranges from 3,195 to 6,425 pounds, and the price depends on the amenities and accessories you choose to install. With so many available options, you will be able to customize your trailer to suit your needs.

For rental, the Jayco Jay Feather is a bit more expensive compared to other trailers. It’s more suitable for campers and travelers who want to enjoy a high level of comfort and luxury. With all the standard and optional accessories, your time spent on the trailer will be exceptional.

These well-made trailers are distinguished by some outstanding features.

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Durable Roof System

While competitors offer stapled construction, Jayco Jay Feather trailers provide you with screwed walls and roofs to make sure that your RV will always feel and look safe. All the tools used in installed like nail plates, are well-made and oversized to eliminate the risk of movement or damage.

Even in the case of an emergency, the roof of your Feather trailer withstands 50% more weight than competitor RVs. Wooden studs are used instead of metal bars to eliminate the risk of electrical shorts.

Strong Foundation

In general, Jayco Jay Feather Trailers are very well made and more durable than other trailers. While other brands might weld stock frames to create foundations, Jayco offers custom-made frames to withstand the conditions on the road.

Thanks to the Narco NextGen frame, the trailer will display a foundation with the strongest strength-to-weight ratio. This frame is made of high-strength low-alloy steel. The steel is coated to prevent rusting and guarantee that the frame will always stay in the best condition.

The full-width triggers are placed 4 to 6 feet apart to better support the trailer’s walls, while the A-frame prevents the hitch from changing shape or bending because of the weight.

Climate Shield

To enjoy your 4-season camping experience, Jayco Jay Feather trailers are protected with a unique climate shield. It offers the most comfortable camping experience in extremely hot or cold weather.

The PEX plumbing system, as well as the exterior, won’t get affected by the heat or the cold. You will feel comfortable inside your trailer, regardless of the weather outside. At the same time, you can rest assured that your water will keep on running even if it’s freezing outside.

In the cold weather, the heated underbelly will keep the interiors warm and comfortable. The double-sided insulation and dark-tinted windows will reduce the effect of high temperatures.


1. Does Jayco offer customized RVs?

To maximize efficiency, provide the highest level of quality, and minimize costs, Jayco makes all their trailers on an assembly line, standardizing the features to offer you the expected quality.

However, you have an option to add more features to create the most suitable setup. You should check out the various models to pick the most suitable floor plan, based on the number of people who will travel on the trailer and the setup that would work best for them. You will be able to choose your favorite interior, as well as entertainment and comfort accessories that cater to your unique needs.

2. Does Jayco offer a roadside assistance plan?

Jayco offers an emergency road service to make sure that you and your family will have the safest and most comfortable ride. The customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer all your queries and send you help when needed. The emergency services include:

  • Free tire changes.
  • Free lockout services.
  • Free trip routing and more.

3. How can I get spare parts for my Jayco?

Jayco dealers exclusively distribute all the spare parts. You should have the vehicle identification number, which is composed of 17 digits, as the dealer can’t order the parts without this number.

Wrap Up

Comfort and safety are crucial when you’re spending time on a trailer. Whether you want to spend your vacation on an RV or wish to switch to RV living, Jayco Jay Feather trailers offer an excellent combination of luxury, comfort, and safety for long trips.

There are several floor plans available, so you can choose the most suitable setup for your family and needs. With all the standard features, we recommend that you check out the accessories to choose the ones that will add a difference to your trip.

Although Jayco Jay Feather trailers are more expensive than other RVs, they’re quite impressive when it comes to the quality of interiors and accessories that would definitely impress anyone interested in RVing.

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