R Pod vs Hummingbird: Read This Before Making a Decision

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Good news! You’ll no longer fall in the limbo of “should we hit the road or just stay at home?” RVing made it possible for you to have both at once. Especially in the age of the coronavirus, traveling using trailers has become more appealing than ever.

This appeal is quite understandable: You get to travel, and at the same time stay at home and social-distance. What a deal! But are there any deal-breakers to this deal? Well, not exactly. However, there’s a choice that you have to make regarding the best trailer brand for your needs.

Most prominently, you’ve got to figure out the R Pod vs Hummingbird conundrum. Fortunately, we’ve got your back on that!

R Pod vs Hummingbird Overview

The R Pod trailer is the ideal option for a couple who wants to go on a vacation. It has remarkable features, such as solar panels and high-capacity holding tanks for water. On the other hand, the Hummingbird is a reliable option for bigger families. The Hummingbird features an exterior kitchen and extra room for storage and bikes.

ImageProductDetailsRental Price
Hummingbird Travel TrailerJayco Hummingbird Travel TrailerBest for large familiesCheck Rental Price
R-Pod Travel TrailerForest River r-podBest for a coupleCheck Rental Price

R Pod vs Hummingbird: Let’s Get Into Detail!

When contrasting R Pod with the Hummingbird, there are a lot of things to be factored in. From size to the interior, exterior, and the special features each brand offers. After all, both the Forest River R Pod and the Jayco Hummingbird are reliable travel trailers options.

Let’s dissect them from top to bottom!


Beginning with the top, let’s see how their roofs compare.

The Roofing of the Hummingbird 

The Hummingbird’s roof is made from fiberglass, and it comes in one piece. Its most prominent feature is that it extends to the outside. Not quite literally, but close by to the roof, there’s a power awning.

This awning will enable you to sit with a roof over your head outside the trailer, making it the equivalent of a patio in a house. The awning is also LED-lit, which will let you enjoy the evening outside even when it’s completely dark out.

Finally, on the roof, you’ll find a 13,500 BTU air conditioner in the 2019 model. This conditioner is slim and barely visible, so it doesn’t take away from the appearance of your trailer. Of course, it’ll also provide the interior with a cozy atmosphere.

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The Roofing of the R Pod

Right off the bat, we’ve got to mention that the R Pod roof offers a 20-year warranty! That’s because the roof they feature is from Tufflex™ PVC Roofing. The roofs Tufflex manufactures have a set of features that makes them a great option, such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Reflectiveness
  • Puncture-resistance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Resistance to chemicals, the weather, and also the sun

On top of that, the roofing material is the same one used in pool liners. That makes it waterproof and makes rainy days one less thing to worry about. With that, it’s safe to say that the R Pod has outdone the Hummingbird regarding roofing. One-nil it is for the R Pod!

It’s also safe to say that this roofing provides a good amount of safety. Speaking of which, are there other safety and protection features?

Protection and Safety

The protection and sturdiness both brands seek to provide can be found in several features. This protection is mostly achieved by reinforcing the sidewalls; each of them has done so using a material of their own.

Protection and Safety in the Hummingbird

Stronghold VBL used in Jayco Hummingbird

One of the most remarkable safety features in the Hummingbird is the smart LED lights. These lights that are distributed on the exterior of the trailer give it outstanding visibility on the road. They also serve to inform other vehicles about your driving intentions.

What’s more, the skeleton of the trailer is made using the Stronghold VBL™. This is an advanced construction process that features five layers. Also, it has dense foaming for insulation.

The windows aren’t any less safe than the skeleton, as they’re made from safety glass. They’re also tinted and have sturdy Norco frames for extra safety.

Protection and Safety in the R Pod

AZDEL® Composite Panels in Forest River's R-Pod

Most of the protection and sturdiness of the R Pod comes from the AZDEL® Composite Panels. These panels are a huge money-saver. Why? Because they’re lightweight compared to other materials, such as wooden panels, which will save you tons of fuel cost.

The AZDEl panels are mainly a combination of polypropylene and fiberglass. This polypropylene, though it isn’t a biodegradable material, is still greener than other plastics. It isn’t only recyclable, but it also releases fewer toxins than the Hummingbird’s PVC.

Now, back to the scorekeeping. Regarding the protection point, it’ll go to—let me hear the drum roll—it’ll go to the Hummingbird! With the point the R Pod has from the last round, we’ve got ourselves a tie. Let’s review more features so we can break that tie!

The Kitchen and the Bathroom

So far, we’ve been reviewing mostly the outside structures. Now, let’s take a look at the interior and see how their kitchens and bathrooms compare!

The Hummingbird Kitchen and Bathroom

Regarding kitchens, the Hummingbird has two of them. First off, there’s the interior kitchen. This one has a residential-style countertop, two stovetops, and a microwave. Now, let’s get to the more interesting part: the outside kitchen!

The second exterior kitchen is situated in the very rear of the trailer. It’s made this way so you can enjoy a barbecue night with the full equipment of an indoor kitchen.

This big outside kitchen has its own microwave, quick-connect faucet, and even a small refrigerator. There’s also a grill that’s optional for you to get with the trailer. To save the best for last, there’s an extra TV in that exterior kitchen, so you never get bored while cooking!

Regarding the bathroom, it has a shower with full equipment. It features a removable showerhead and a bathroom cabinet.

The R Pod Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen of the R Pod also features the sink, stovetop, and countertop. Though, what stands out is the huge refrigerator, especially when we’re talking about a relatively small trailer like the R Pod.

There’s also another feature that’s remarkable for a trailer this size. This one relates to the bathroom this time, which is the holding tanks. The Rod has a 30-gallon tank for fresh water and another tank with the same capacity for greywater. This water is the one for your shower and sink.

Finally, there’s also a 30-gallon holding tank for black water, aka wastewater. Also, in the 2021 R Pod, there’s the black tank flush system.

With that, it’s safe to say that the R Pod has deserved the point for the bathroom. On the other hand, thanks to the two fully-equipped kitchens, the Hummingbird managed to get the kitchen point.

Since we’re back to the tie, let’s move on to the special features each of them has!

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Special Features

Now, let’s get to the features that are exclusive to one of them without the other.

The Hummingbird’s Special Features

The Hummingbird trailer has an extra storage room located on the exterior. This spacious area will allow you to bring along all the equipment you need for the trip. Furthermore, the trailer has a special place for bikes: a frame-mounted bike carrier. This carrier can hold two bikes.

The Hummingbird also incorporates Furrion Bluetooth speakers, so you can enjoy your favorite mic like you’re at a party.

The R Pod Special Features

One of the R Pod special features is the battery disconnect. This one serves to cut any power your appliances use while they’re turned off. This way, it prevents any energy drainage so that you can camp for longer. Speaking of energy, the R Pod features solar panels.

These panels can really come in handy as they enable you to go wherever untethered. They’re able to feed most of the appliances, with some exceptions. These exceptions include things like the microwave and the air conditioner because they require lots of energy.

As evident, each of the RVs has features for certain functions. Thus, it all becomes a matter of preference; your preference is the only thing that can break the tie!

There’s just one more aspect that we’ve got to take a look at. Let’s review their rental status!

The Rental Aspect

The pricing for different RVs, either an R Pod or a Hummingbird, highly varies with different floor plans. Some Hummingbird floor plans reach the $27,000 mark.

Pricing also varies according to the model; more recent models cost more money. This sum of money will be a lot if you’re planning on purchasing a trailer. However, if you’re not going to use the trailer except once or twice a year, then it may be a good idea to rent one.

The rental pricing also differs according to the floor plans, but the average rental pricing for an R Pod is $120 per night. The relatively smaller price of the renting is because the R Pod is a small trailer. It’ll only be a good choice if you’re going with a couple of people on that trip.

Similarly, smaller versions of the Hummingbird costs an average of $123 per night. Bigger Hummingbird trailers, however, are going to be way pricier.

So, if we’re to choose one of them for rent, it’ll be the R Pod. This is due to the lower price ranges. After all, you don’t want the money you spend on renting to feel like buying, do you?

Final Words

If you want to go on a trip with your significant other, then the cozy R Pod will serve you well, especially if you’re planning for a long trip. That’s thanks to the holding tanks with huge capacities and the solar panels that enable you to go where you want.

Alternatively, if you have a big family with kids and bikes, then it’ll be a good idea to opt for the Hummingbird. This trailer has bike carriers, an exterior kitchen for barbecue parties, and lots of room in the interior.

Whatever you decide to get, just don’t forget to document the precious moments you’re going to spend with some photos—don’t get carried away with that, though, and enjoy the moment!