Jayco vs Heartland

Jayco vs Heartland: The Ultimate In-Depth Comparison (2021)

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The Wall Street Journal has dubbed the RVs as the “safest way to travel and enjoy your vacation”.

In fact, the recreational vehicles market has skyrocketed in the last few decades with a huge variety of brands offering excellent RVs. Among the most noticeable names in the market are Jayco and Heartland.

If you’re confused between the two brands and not sure which one is more suitable for you, this article has got you covered!

Read on for a brief Jayco vs Heartland comparison to guide you through the process of buying the better RV brand for your needs!

Jayco vs Heartland Overview

Both Jayco and Heartland are currently owned by Thor industries, so they’re more or less the same when it comes to customer service and quality of materials. However, Jayco tends to have a wider range of RVs than heartland as well as higher resale value. On the other hand, Heartland is a more affordable choice, especially for high-end floor plans.

A Brief Comparison Between Jayco and Heartland RVs

Although Jayco and Heartland share a lot of similarities, they also have their fair share of differences.

In this section, I’ll walk you through a quick look at some of the essential comparison aspects to help you make up your mind about the two brands.

Brand History

When it comes to brand recognition, Jayco is an easy winner because they’ve been in the market since the 1960s.

The company has managed to satisfy hundreds of thousands of customers with a wide range of RVs throughout the years.

Even after being acquired by Thor industries in 2016, the company still maintained its cult following because the original owners remained in charge of innovation and design.

Heartland was launched in 2003 by Brian Brady, who was the former CEO of Damon RVs. However, similar to Jayco, the company was acquired by Thor Industries in 2010.

Variety of Models

As you can see, both companies are owned by the same parent company. So, many of their products will typically have the same general quality.

Both Jayco and Heartland offer a decent variety of models. However, Jayco has a larger catalog of RVs, which includes travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheelers, and class A, B, and C motorhomes.

On the other hand, Heartland focuses on manufacturing fifth wheelers, toy haulers, and travel trailers only. Yet, they have an equal level of variety when compared to the same classes of RVs from Jayco.

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Floor Plan Designs

Ideally, having multiple floorplan options guarantees that you enjoy the optimal level of comfort while in the RV.

There aren’t many brands that offer the range of floor plans that Jayco has. However, Heartland is one of the few exceptions to that rule, as they also offer an extensive range of options for every budget.


The price of an RV is a major determiner of its value. With both of these brands using the same quality of materials while building many of their RVs, a more affordable company should easily be the winner of this round.

Ideally, Heartland RVs are typically less expensive than Jayco, especially if you’re planning to buy a high-end model with a basic or medium floorplan.

On the other hand, if you’re kickstarting your RV adventures with a low-tier RV, then Jayco would offer a better value for money in low-end models. Also, Jayco’s RVs tend to have a high resale value, so they’re excellent first-time RVs.


Jayco is one of the leading brands in the industry when it comes to warranty, as they offer a unique 2+3 year warranty that offers limited warranty and structural warranty respectively.

However, Heartland has recently updated its structural warranty from 12 months to 36. This means that they offer a 1+3 years warranty. This is still less than Jayco’s warranty but by a slight margin.

Which RV Brand Is More Suitable for Rental?

If you’re renting a recreational vehicle rather than buying it, your priorities will shift greatly from durability and long-term benefits to comfort, safety, and price.

Although the long-term warranty and high resale value of Jayco won’t matter if you’re renting, a lot of people still believe that Jayco gives you a better deal if you’re just renting.

In general, Jayco has a larger RV collection of trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheelers, which gives you a wider range of models to choose from.

Not only that, but they also have a huge selection of floor plans with more comfortable and higher quality materials. If you’re only renting an RV to enjoy a few days in a camper or a trailer, then you should consider the comfort of Jayco.

However, if you’re money-conscious, Heartland’s RVs will typically run at a much lower rate, which makes them perfect for families on a limited budget without huge compromises in terms of quality.


What is the Resale Value of Jayco and Heartland RVs?

The resale value of any recreational vehicle depends mainly on the condition of both the interior and the exterior of the RV.

However, when it comes to two well-maintained trailers, Jayco trailers are known to have some of the highest resale values on the market.

This means that upon selling the RV for any reason, you’ll get most of your money back if you have a mint-condition Jayco. This is due to the vast popularity of the brand and the solid market of its trailers.

How to Find Service Centers for Heartland and Jayco RVs?

Since both companies are owned by the same parent company, Jayco and Heartland will typically share similar service centers.

However, the two companies make it quite easy to find a dealer that can get your maintenance work done.

For that, you only need to visit the brand’s website and check the locator tool. This one is called “Dealer Locator” in Jayco and “Find Your Dealer” in Heartland.

Final Thoughts

With that said, you now have a better idea about Jayco and Heartland recreational vehicles and the level of quality both of them offer.

As you can see, the two brands are highly rated ones with an ongoing debate on whether each one of them is better than the other.

Since they share the same parent company, both brands have a similar level of general quality and service, so it all comes down to your personal preferences and budget.