Intex vs Coleman Air Mattress

Intex vs Coleman Air Mattress: Camping Mattresses Review

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Back in the day, almost half a decade ago, Intex used to be nicknamed the ‘wet set’. That’s because no beach or pool had a shortage of their fun and colorful inflatables. This company is committed to providing a wide range of innovative air-filled products at a reasonable price.

Its main competitor Coleman was in the market for quite a while too. Since the 1950’s they’ve been making all kinds of camping equipment, with a relentless focus on quality.

In this article, we’ll compare Intex vs. Coleman air mattresses for camping. Let’s see how that plays out!


Intex and Coleman are both big names in the world of inflatables and portable beds. They excel in many categories, including air mattresses for camping. In most aspects, they’re quite similar, especially in their physical specs. The main differences are in their comfort levels and price. Intex has the better value, while Coleman provides higher comfort and quality.

ImageProductDetails  Price
Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed with Quilted Top, QueenColeman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed with Quilted TopBest OverallCheck Price
Intex - Dura Beam Plus Series Ultra Plush Airbed, QueenIntex Dura Beam Plus Series Ultra Plush AirbedBudget PickCheck Price


Intex and Coleman are both pretty strong contenders. They’re almost equally popular among campers as well as in domestic settings.

But are they completely identical? Absolutely not! Each product satisfies certain needs and performs better in specific areas more than others. The following comparison points should clarify the main differences between these two brands.

To make sure that we’re playing fair, we picked two models from each brand that are roughly in the same league. The Intex – Dura Beam Plus Series Ultra Plush Airbed and the Coleman SupportRest Elite are legitimate peers, and they’re both quite popular among campers.

Here’s how the comparison plays out. 

1.    Size

Air mattresses come in all sizes, from baby cribs to king-size portable beds. In camping, people might opt for either a tiny mattress if they’re roughing it out. Or, they could bring along a queen-sized mattress for a glamping trip.

In this face-off, we didn’t set a specific measurement, but we picked the double-height. This goes nicely with our theme of pampered camping. However, both Intex and Coleman offer the basic height as well.

Incidentally, both mattresses are 18 inches high. As for the other dimensions, the Intex is 60 x 80 inches, while the Coleman is 78 x 60 inches. Both can be fitted with standard sheets, and the slight difference in length would probably go unnoticed. Unless you’re extra tall.

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2.    Weight and Weight Capacity

In this comparison, we selected the queen-sized mattresses in both brands. There’s also one more selection, which is the thickness of the mattress. Some campers take portability over luxury, while others would only function if they get a good night’s sleep.

The dimensions of the two mattresses are almost identical, and as it turned out, their weights are similar too. The Intex is 20.33 pounds, while the Coleman is 20.46 pounds. This might not be a significant factor if you’re traveling by car, but it would certainly matter if you’re hiking.

It’s worth noting that both brands offer manual, smaller, and single-height air mattresses that weigh around 1-2 pounds.

As for the weight capacity; the two mattresses support loads up to 600 pounds. This is pretty good for queen-sized beds.

3.    Comfort

Intex - Dura Beam Plus Series Ultra Plush Airbed, Queen

This is the single most important feature of any mattress. We measure comfort through three criteria:

  • How the mattress feels in terms of texture
  • The hardness/softness factor of the mattress
  • How long does it maintain its firmness

The sleeping surface of the Intex is made from a velvety Dual-layer comfort top. This texture is quite conducive to relaxation, as we all might know! It’s designed to follow the contours of the body, rather than protrude here and there.

Additionally, the horizontally positioned beams together with edge and bottom ring construction provide a stable and supportive frame. You’d also get extra firmness from the Fiber-Tech interior construction. These fibers are also pretty durable, so the air mattress should stay with you for a long time.

There aren’t too many guarantees that the air inside the Intex wouldn’t leak a little over time. The best approach is just to reinflate it.

Now let’s see what the Coleman offers in terms of comfort. This mattress has a patented SupportRest Elite Quilted Top feature, which feels soft and homey. It’s also removable and washable, and that’s always a plus.

The AirTight system keeps the matter inflated to your liking for the longest time. There’s also a Double Lock valve, which is dual-sealed to minimize leaks. As for the Support Lock reinforced construction; this maintains the firmness of the mattress. So it doesn’t sag or give with prolonged use.

The Coleman has a bit of an extra edge when it comes to comfort.

4.    Type of Pump

We picked air mattresses with internal air pumps because we have a soft spot for glamping. However, both brands have various other models that come with manual pumps for inflation. 

The time taken for the air mattress to be fully inflated is important. Also, whether or not it deflates easily when it’s time to leave.

The Intex inflates in 4 minutes using an AC pump, and it deflates just as rapidly with a press of a button. The Coleman beats that by a minute, and inflates to the desired firmness in only 3 minutes. The pump is used in deflating the mattress here as well. 


Camping is often synonymous with roughing things up. But that is so yesterday! In our day and age, anyone can explore nature and enjoy its serenity, without compromising comfort.

Air mattresses are among the best luxuries one can get on a camping trip. Especially, if you have access to a power supply, so you can select the variety with an internal pump. This is the choice we went by while comparing Intex vs Coleman air mattresses.

The Intex – Dura Beam Plus Series Ultra Plush Airbed and the Coleman SupportRest Elite are pretty much identical in all their external features. However, the Intex is offered at a much lower price. That’s mainly because it doesn’t go too far in the comfort and quality aspects.

The Coleman, on the other hand, offers a consistently luxurious sleeping experience. It has more firmness, stability, and durability. But that, of course, comes at a cost.