Pomoly Tent Review

Pomoly Tent Review: Material, Comfort, & Weather Resistance

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Pomoly is a newcomer in the camping industry, so you’ll rarely find it on top 10 lists and product roundups. That’s quite the shame, though, because Pomoly brings a lot to the table.

Pomoly tents are surprisingly durable at the price it comes with. They hold up extremely well to rain, wind, and snow, and provide excellent ventilation to prevent accidents involving Carbon Monoxide (CO). Furthermore, Pomoly tents are made from fire-resistant material so you can use a wood-burning stove inside to cook or warm yourself up.

To remedy this, I’ve taken it upon myself to write an honest Pomoly tent review that’ll hopefully give the brand the attention it deserves. Let’s dive right in!

Pomoly Tent Review Summary

Pomoly designs winter tents with wood stove jacks, making them one of the few brands that specialize in this feature. Pomoly tents are fire-resistant and waterproof, so they perform fantastically in extreme weather conditions. This makes them ideal for serious campers and outdoor adventurers.

General Features of Pomoly Tents

Pomoly tents are excellent investments for serious campers, especially those who are planning to camp out during winter.

Here are some of the most notable features of Pomoly tents worth discussing:

High-Quality Material

Pomoly tents are made out of high-quality fabric, regardless of the model.

The Rhombus and the Yarn series, for example, are made from cotton canvas material that’s 70% cotton and 30% polyester. The material has excellent flexibility and ventilation performance, thereby reducing internal condensation by a significant margin. As it’s a polyester mix, it’s quite resistant to tearing.

The Chalet series, on the other hand, is made from 70D Ripstop polyester fabric with a waterproof rating of 2500mm. Ripstop fabrics, which are made of woven polyester, are supremely resistant to rips and tears thanks to their special reinforcing technique. It’s UV resistant and holds its color better than nylon fabrics.

The HEX tent series are made from 300D Oxford fabric. Woven on a water jet joom, Oxford fabric has undergone shaping, dyeing, coating, creasing, and pre-shrinking. It’s lightweight, waterproof, fire resistant, and abrasion resistant. Furthermore, it has brilliant pull resistance and feels quite smooth to the touch.

Space and Comfort

Pomoly sells single to six-person tents, all of which feature a decent-sized space.

Take a look at the YARN Plus Canvas, for example. Its dimensions are 125.7 square feet and it peaks at the height of 8.53 feet. It’s a three to four-person tent (two if you decide to add the wood stove), so you can easily fit two twin mattresses and two chairs with some space to spare. It has a large moon-shaped door opening and a second doorway on the backside of the tent.

On the second door, you’ll find a shock cord that opens the top of the tent. This keeps ventilation in the tent, making it ideal for summer camping. It’s also the perfect tent to camp under the stars. When closed, not a single drop of rain can enter the tent.

Inside the tent, a net enclosure sits around the top. This net is designed to keep the bugs out so you can get some fresh air inside the tent without worrying about mosquitoes.

Since the net is made of fine mesh, it prevents blowing snow from entering the tent. It even retains a certain amount of heat when you open the top enclosure during the winter.

Additionally, it has a generous tub-type floor made from groundsheet material, a feature many campers look for.

Here’s a video review of the Pomoly Hot Tent:


Pomoly receives flying colors in the durability category. Its tents are made from tear-resistant, fireproof fabric. The models that come with wood stove openings are made from yellow flame retardant material that can prevent the stove jack from being burnt.

Most of the Pomoly tents come with a wind rope that not only prevents the tent from tearing during bad weather but also enhances its overall stability. You don’t have to use it, though, because the tent’s X-shaped reinforcement design does a fantastic job on its own. The peg points are also reinforced to prevent tearing and stretching.

Overall, Pomoly tents are built to last. You won’t have to worry about punctures, tears, or wear with any of the Pomoly products. Plus, most of them are fireproof and waterproof, so they’re supremely weather resistant.


Pomoly hot tents are among the best value tents in the market. Prices range from around $90 to $400, making them fairly budget-friendly.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra to get one of the higher-priced tents, you definitely won’t regret it. You get what you pay for and more.

Brand Reputation

Pomoly is one of the first tent brands that provides campers with hot tents that feature a dedicated stove jack. It isn’t the biggest name in the camping industry, but it never disappoints with its products.

The company’s high-quality teepee hot tents rival that of Big Agnes and Marmot. For a relatively young group, this is quite an achievement.

Alongside hot tents, Pomoly has developed several titanium wood stoves that match the tent. It also sells stove accessories that are made from premium quality stainless steel.

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Weather Resistance

In general, Pomoly hot tents are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. They do a great job shielding their users from mother nature’s most destructive outbursts.

The fabrics used in Pomoly tents are quite thick, so you’ll feel comfortable and safe within the tent’s cabin walls even during strong winds. The zippered areas are designed with widened double layer fabric to make sure water doesn’t enter the tent opening. 

With Pomoly’s hammock rain fly design, the canopy not only has a better rain-proof structure but also increases the overall stability of the tarp. 

To further enhance stability and weather resistance, Pomoly made sure to equip tents with additional pegs to be used in dire situations.

Pomoly Tent Drawbacks

Pomoly tents don’t come with a lot of drawbacks, which just goes to show how fantastic the products are. Even so, it does have several cons that might make you reconsider your purchase.

Heavy Weight

Compared to other hot tents, Pomoly tents are fairly heavy at 16 to 25 pounds. This isn’t really surprising, though, since the fabrics used on the tents are quite thick. The thickness adds to the tent’s thermal insulation, but it’s quite a disadvantage for backpackers who are planning to carry the tent around while hiking.

Poor Warranty Policy

To be frank, Pomoly’s warranty policy is practically non-existent. The company’s warranty page doesn’t state anything about the duration of the warranty. It only asks customers to contact them within 15 days if there are missing parts or delivery damage problems. That’s it.

Pomoly’s a fairly small company, so I don’t expect them to have a long warranty. Even so, the fact that they don’t offer even a 30-day warranty is kind of a bummer.

I’m not too worried about the warranty, though. I’m confident that the tent will hold up to tough winds and snow. After all, it’s designed with premium-quality materials.  

Top Features

Now that we’ve discussed the general features of Pomoly tents, here are some of the most notable characteristics that make Pomoly tents stand out from the rest:

Fireproof Stove Jack

Pomoly tents feature a fireproof stove jack that allows you to cook small meals inside and warm you up during cold weather. When not in use, simply roll down the jack cover to prevent rain and wind from entering the tent.

Keep in mind that although the jack cloth is fireproof, the stitched threads aren’t. If the fabric is too close to the hot pipe, it may burn the stitching off and damage the tent.

Therefore, you should always place the stovepipe in the center of the jack. You can use branches or any other barrier to keep the pipes from touching the tent cloth.

If you’re planning to use the stove for longer than 10 minutes at a time, make sure the inside of the tent is well ventilated. If possible, use a carbon monoxide alarm to avoid any danger associated with burning fuels.

Top and Bottom Vent

Since Pomoly tents are designed for internal stove use, the manufacturers made sure to give them sufficient ventilation.

Pomoly tents have a removable top cap to keep the inside of the tent well-lit and ventilated. They also give you a nice view of the stars at night-time. During cold or rainy seasons, you can open the bottom ventilation to get air circulation going.

Ease of Assembly

Pomoly tents are surprisingly easy to set up. The YARN Plus Canvas took my friend and me under six minutes to pitch, stake, and guyline. That’s not bad at all, considering the fact that it’s a four-person tent. The poles are easy to connect and slide right through the guides.

Teardown is also a piece of cake. Dirt rolls right off the polyester material when you pack it up, which is great because you definitely don’t want to carry dirt from the campsite to your home. The tent fits perfectly into the heavy-duty bag it comes in and even cinches down to save a bit of space in your trunk.

Pomoly Tent Alternatives

Pomoly tents are fantastic, so you can’t really go wrong with them. However, there are some other notable brands you might want to look at before getting yourself a Pomoly. These include:

Marmot Tents

MARMOT Limelight 3P

If you’re a frequent camper, you’ve surely heard of Marmot.

Founded over 50 years ago in 1974, Marmot is an outdoor recreation sporting goods company that sells an array of camping equipment, including tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and more.

Its tent selection is extremely diverse and comes in a range of shapes and sizes. You’ll also find tents per category; i.e., camping tents for overnight camping, ultralight backpacking tents for long days on your feet, and mountaineering tents that withstand extreme elements in the wild.

If you’re searching for a tent from Marmot, I recommend the Marmot Limelight 2P/3P. It’s made from 100% water-resistant polyester and features an innovative zone pre-bend construction. The vents on the roof and sides allow good air circulation regardless of the weather.

Plus, it’s extremely lightweight at only six pounds, making it the ideal tent for a backpacker.

Big Agnes Tents

Coleman 4-Person Dome Tent for Camping | Sundome Tent with Easy Setup , Navy/Grey

Big Agnes specializes in an array of camping products, including tents, camp furniture, travel bags, and even apparel.

Big Agnes uses advanced technologies and goes through extensive field tests to make some of the best tests in the market. Its tents perfectly balance livability, weather protection, and convenience.

I especially love the Ultralight tent line, as they’re specifically designed for explorers and adventurers. The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL is my favorite model, as its two-tone mesh is transparent enough for star-gazing but thick enough for privacy.

Moreover, its awning-style vestibules add extra shade and living space to the tent. I also love how easy it is to set up thanks to the provided pre-bent span pole.

Coleman Tents

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality tent, check out Coleman’s tent selections. While not the best on the market, Coleman tents are quite good for the average camper. They’re decently weatherproof and hold up well over time.

If you’re planning to buy a Coleman tent, you can’t go wrong with the Coleman WeatherMaster. Available in 6 and 10-person options, this tent has enough room for at least two queen-sized airbeds. It also has a separate floorless screen room that offers bug-free comfort.

The WeatherMaster doesn’t skimp out on weather protection, either. This tent has waterproof floors, wind-strong frames, and protective seams that keep wind, snow, and rain out of the tent.


In terms of design, weather resistance, and convenience, Pomoly tents pass with flying colors. They’re made with high-quality materials and feature excellent ventilation. They’re fairly sizable, as well, making them a good choice for a weekend-long camping trip. If you’re searching for a winter tent, you should definitely consider getting yourself a Pomoly.