Herschel vs. Anello
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Did you know that the global backpack market is expected to reach $22 billion by 2026? Well, I can easily see this happening because it’s hard to resist a functional yet attractive backpack where all my stuff will be safe.

If you’re ready to get yourself a new one, you may have considered getting a Herschel or Anello. But, with many things in common and only a few slight differences between the two brands, making a choice might be tough.

This is why I’ve decided to create this Herschel vs. Anello comparison. It’s time to see which one will fit your needs best!

Herschel vs. Anello Overview

Herschel backpacks are suitable for today’s world with their convenience and clean-cut lines, but they come with a classical twist. The design of their best-sellers pays homage to the mountaineering style, which is both attractive and nostalgic. On the contrary, Anello products come in trendier colors and eye-catching patterns. However, most of them lack laptop sleeves, which are present in Herschel backpacks.

Design and Materials

Herschel Classic Backpack, Black, XL 30.0L

The first thing that draws the eye to a backpack is the shape, size, and design, right? So, let’s start our comparison by discussing how Herschel and Anello’s bags are doing in these regards.

Herschel backpacks are known for combining trendy and nostalgic vibes. The products mix rustic elements, such as the stitched logo and buckles, with flat modern lines and an overall clean design.

As for the materials, Herschel mainly uses ripstop nylon, which should be durable enough for someone who spends the majority of their time outdoors. Plus, many of the backpacks are waterproof, so you can step into light rain with confidence!

Herschel backpacks are available in a wealth of colors, but the majority of the designs are black or gray. Some backpacks, like the Classic, come in many color options such as Green Pea Camo, Night Camo, and one-color designs.

When it comes to Anello backpacks, you’ll notice that these lean toward vibrant color combinations and modern patterns. Here, the materials are usually a blend of polyester and cotton, but you can find options made of nylon and faux leather as well.

Both backpack brands offer various bag sizes, going from mini to standard, and all the way to XL. So, whether you’ll need a backpack for a quick ride to your friend’s house or a field trip, you should find the right size to keep up with your use in both brands.

Convenience and Functionality

Anello Polyester Canvas Backpacks (White and Red)

The coolest thing about these two brands is that they excel in delivering convenient features to make your life a notch easier. However, they can sometimes offer their functionality in different ways.

Most Herschel backpacks are equipped with laptop compartments that can handle 13” or 15” laptops. The main space of those backpacks tends to be spacious, too, making them a favorite for school, college, and even work.

Another thing that adds to Herschel’s functionality is the many pockets that their backpacks include. Here, you should find different compartments to put all your items, from your phone charger to your notebooks, to your water bottle.

Anello backpacks don’t usually include laptop sleeves, which may be a drawback for some people. Still, a few were okay with that. In fact, they still managed to put their laptops inside the backpack alongside the rest of their items because it had so much interior space.

These backpacks also have multiple pockets to store your stuff. Plus, their barrel-like frames make piling things inside a breeze.

All in all, when it comes to convenience, both Herschel and Anello backpacks are good options.

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You’d be delighted to know that both brands can be awesome choices if you’re looking for a versatile backpack. Whether you need them for school, a short camping trip with friends, or even a hike, they should be able to keep up with your demands.

Some Herschel and Anello backpacks are multi-purpose, so that’s great news. Others come in rugged designs, making them suitable for outdoor activities. There are even models for kids with attractive colors and easy-to-use zippers instead of metal clasps.


Even though Herschel and Anello’s backpacks are available at a wide range of prices, they’re considered quite affordable. See, both brands target the same group of people who want an everyday backpack at a reasonable price. So, yay!

Now that the price is almost the same, you can determine your favorite backpack depending on what matters most. That is convenience, size, and design.


Where are Herschel and Anello based?

If you’re curious about the origins of these two brands, it’s time to get some answers!

Herschel is a Canadian brand, and it was founded in 2009 in Vancouver. On the other hand, Anello is the creation of the Japanese company Carrot, and the brand’s first backpack made its appearance in Japan in 2005.

How popular are Herschel and Anello backpacks?

Both brands are world-famous, and they’re mostly seen with people who are 16 to 35 years of age.

Herschel currently has more than 5,000 stores in the entire world. Plus, Anello backpacks are widely available on both online stores and most bag stores.

Which is the best-selling Herschel and Anello backpack?

The Herschel Classic Backpack is a favorite of many thanks to its multiple size options and 16 color combinations. It’s also moderately priced. For these reasons, it’s the top-selling Herschel backpack according to the official site.

On the other hand, the Repreve Rucksack is the most bought backpack by Anello.

Wrap Up

Wondering which is the better backpack, Herschel vs. Anello?

Well, I’ve given you all the facts, and it’s time to see which backpack matches your lifestyle best.

Herschel backpacks can be awesome options if you need a backpack for work or school, especially since most of them include laptop sleeves. They’re also available in multiple sizes, not to mention they have many compartments for your pens, phone charger, and water bottle.

Anello backpacks could also be an excellent choice for school with their spacious interiors. And, if you have a knack for trendy designs, you’ll likely find a suitable backpack with this description amongst Anello’s collection.