Snowtrekker Tent Review
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Look, we understand how cold weather camping can be a challenge. There’s just so much you’ll need to keep in mind to make your outdoor adventure worthwhile without ending up with cold feet or a freezing nose.

From your boots to the lining of your sleeping bag, every item you choose must be suitable for the extreme weather. But, what about the most important thing you’ll be packing, namely, your tent?

Well, Snowtrekker tents can be more than qualified for this position. In this honest Snowtrekker tent review, we’ll address their best features and their drawbacks. We’ll also mention some alternatives you may want to take a look at.

Ready to dive in?

Snowtrekker Tent Review Summary

Snowtrekker offers its customers a wide selection of winter tents to help them battle the unforgiving weather. The brand’s canvas tents are known for being lightweight, a breeze to set up, and ruggedly designed, which appeals to a large number of campers. What’s more, Snowtrekker excels in terms of versatility, providing users with tents that vary in headroom, height, and ground space.

The General Features of Snowtrekker Tents

Now that you have an idea about where Snowtrekker tents stand in the market, it’s time to dive a little deeper into their defining aspects.

Tent Material

The first thing most of us take note of when shopping for a tent is its material. Is it waterproof? Will it help the tent stand proud in the face of the freezing rain or wind?

Well, Snowtrekker tent walls do their best to keep the interior dry and warm thanks to their tightly-woven fabric. Better still, the canvas is made of marine-grade cotton that’s been treated to repel water and, therefore, prevent mildew.

However, the people at Snowtrekker will confidently tell you that, no, their tents aren’t waterproof. According to their philosophy, it’s not even a bad thing. On the contrary, making a winter tent out of a waterproof fabric can cause water vapor to condense on the inside.

Fortunately, Snowtrekker tent’s cotton fabric shouldn’t allow this to happen. It’ll just shed water on the outside of the tent while letting water vapor pass through the fabric. Pretty cool after all, don’t you think?


To be able to sleep peacefully inside a tent, it must have a sturdy frame that has undergone many durability tests. We have some good news because Snowtrekker tent frames are born from 15 years of experiments. They tend to stand as upright as the brand’s reputation!

Because these frames are made of Easton Aluminum, you can safely assume they’ll hold your tent up for years to come. Not only are they strong, but they’re also lightweight so that you can carry them with ease in your backpack.


One of the coolest things about Snowtrekker tents is that they’re available in a multitude of widths and heights. On the brand’s official site, you’ll find tents made for taller people, large groups, or even an entire crew!

You can choose the size of your winter tent based on the number of people, if you’ll be using cots, or if you need extra height.

Better still, if you’re not sure how large your tent should be, you can always contact Snowtrekker and their agents should point you in the right direction.

Design and Functionality

It’s hard to miss how convenient the design of Snowtrekker tents is. Besides the broad selection of sizes, the strong frames, and top-quality materials, the attention to detail is phenomenal in these tents.

Let’s start with the overall form. You’ll notice that all models come in a wedge-like design, which is a result of careful planning and testing for more than 20 years. This unique shape is efficient in battling the force of wind and preventing the gathering of snow on top of the tent.

Next, Snowtrekker tents are famous for their relatively small interior volume. Again, there’s a reason behind this feature. A compact inner space means the air inside can get warm faster, which is an essential thing to have in a winter tent.

We’re not saying that the tents are tight on the inside, just that they’re generally smaller than other tents that aren’t meant for the cold weather.

Even the way that the people at Snowtrekker make their doors has its purpose. The tent entrances are elevated to stop any snow from getting inside. Plus, this higher position allows for easier entry and exit.

In addition to that, you can unzip the tent door from top to bottom or vice versa to suit your preference. So, it won’t matter if you’re standing in a hurry to get in or sitting outside the tent and leaning to grab something from inside. The two zipper pulls should be always within reach.


Winter tents are generally pricey to give you that extra protection from the harsh weather. When you look at Snowtrekker tents, you’ll find that they’re not above or below the average tent prices on the market.

According to many users, Snowtrekker tents were well worth the price, which is all that matters at the end of the day. For some, the tents might seem a bit expensive, but they’ve proven to be a well-placed investment that could stand strong for years.

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The Drawbacks of Snowtrekker Tents

The majority of people who tried Snowtrekker tents didn’t have any complaints about them at all. That’s a relief!

However, some thought the tents weren’t as lightweight as advertised. They claimed that, if you go on a solo camping or hunting trip, carrying the tent as well as the rest of your gear can be a bit challenging on your own.

Snowtrekker Tents’ Top Features

In this section, we’ll discuss all the things that make Snowtrekker tents extra special to the point of being irresistible for some campers.

Simple Setup

The first thing that almost anyone loves about their Snowtrekker tent is how easy it is to set up. Depending on the size and model, the whole process can require the effort of one or two people max.

This is all thanks to Snowtrekker’s interior frame. It supports the ridgeline of the tent, making it freestanding. As a result, it’s a breeze to erect the tent in less than half an hour, saving you time and energy to do all the other tasks on your schedule.

A Wide Selection of Tent Stoves and Accessories

What’s even better about a Snowtrekker tent is that it’s ready for you to combine it with a stove and truly start your hot tent camping. Each tent is outfitted with a flap on its side so that you can install a stove and bring some much-needed heat to its interior.

You could also shop for different tent accessories to make your stay even cozier. Here’s everything you can order from the Snowtrekker official website:

  • Guy-out clips
  • Ground tarps
  • Stove hearths
  • Stove heat reflectors
  • Stove jacks
  • Tent bags and flies
  • Stakes

Snowtrekker tents can also be awesome choices for rental if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase one.

A lot of people make their tents, as well as additional accessories or stoves, available for rent during winter. It’s a good way to go cold weather camping without spending a lot of cash!

Snowtrekker Tent Alternatives

If, for whatever reason, you won’t be able to purchase a Snowtrekker tent, here are a few alternatives you could go for instead.

1.   ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent, Orange/Gray

The ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian tent may be a good option for one or two-person camping. If you’re not ready to buy a full-fledged winter tent but want something for your solo trips, the Tasmanian may be it.

Besides its reasonable price, this tent is a breeze to erect, made of water-resistant polyester, and weighs only seven pounds.

2.   Geertop 2-Person Tent

GEERTOP 2 Person Camping Tent Lightweight 4 Season Waterproof Double Layer All Weather Outdoor Survival Gear for Backpacking Hiking Travel - Easy Set Up

This is another decent tent that you could get at an affordable price. It can be perfect for winter camping with its double walls and weather-resistant materials.

In addition to that, this Geertop tent should be a piece of cake to carry along with the rest of your belongings. It weighs around seven pounds, so you can put it inside your backpack and go for an hour-long hike without weighing yourself down.

The tent also takes a few minutes to set up, which is something everyone can’t help but love about it!

Final Words

Choosing a Snowtrekker for winter camping is almost a no-brainer. It’s probably what you’re thinking now after reading this Snowtrekker tent review.

Snowtrekker tents combine many useful features that must be present in winter tents. They come with tightly-woven walls, a freestanding structure, a durable frame, convenient design elements, and more.

Plus, these tents hold great value for their price according to most people who used them. They also allow you to install stoves to make the interior warmer and more inviting, which sounds heavenly when you’re surrounded by snow.