Jayco vs Coachmen

Jayco Vs Coachmen: Which RV Is Worth Your Money?

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If you’ve been in the RV community for a while, there’s no doubt you’ve heard names like Jayco and Coachmen before. The two companies are rightfully among the most eminent manufacturers in the industry. They’ve both been around for a while.

The question of which is better is a bit hard to answer with so many features to consider. And, RVs are expensive; you need to consider every detail closely before paying for one.

Here, I’ll try to answer the question of Jayco vs Coachmen so that you can reach a decision shortly.

Jayco Vs Coachmen: The Verdict

Jayco scores in comfort, floorplans, and warranties, but its warranties come with a lot of issues because they’re fulfilled through a different dealership. Coachmen scores in versatility and exterior durability, but its interiors could use some upgrades. There’s a Coachmen trailer for every user looking to rent, but Jayco is the better option for living inside the RV.

The Full Comparison

The two giants have owned the industry for so long that it’s hard to determine which one is better. Each of them has its unique selling points. Likewise, each has its own negatives that you should be aware of before buying.

Here, I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Frame & Construction

Starting with Coachmen, the company is known for its Azdel composite sidewalls. Most RV manufacturers use wood for these walls, but as a natural element, it can expand, shrink, and form mold. The Azdel used in Coachmen RVs is resistant to extreme weather conditions, and it’s highly durable. In addition, it’s claimed to have less than a 1% chance of delaminating.

Not only that, but the composite material is also supposedly 20% lighter than competitors. While this may not seem significant to you, it means more carrying capacity for the RV.

Moreover, Coachmen pinch-rolls its floors, sidewalls, and roofs together using reinforced lamination. Afterward, the company experts perform a pull adhesion test to make sure everything is tightly in place, ensuring the durability of the RV’s frame.

Moving on to Jayco, the company creates custom frames for all of its products instead of using stock frames. This way, the manufacturers ensure the structure isn’t manipulated to accommodate the RV; it’s instead customized for it.

Jayco mainly has two frame types: I-beam frame and Norco NextGen frame.

The Norco NextGen frame is more common in ultra-light models because it has an ideal strength-to-weight ratio. Its primary material is low-alloy steel to offer high durability and resistance to rust.

On the other hand, the I-class I-beam frame is used for heavy-duty models because it’s formed of one piece. The whole frame is molded without a single seam, thereby reducing the risk of warping or bending with heavy use. It’s made from the same low-alloy frame as Norco NextGen.

Both companies excel in their RVs’ construction, but Coachmen’s exteriors are supposedly more durable.

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One of the most notable features of Coachmen is the Noble Select protection that comes with its RVs. It’s basically a 3-year warranty that covers the entire exterior of your RV.

You’ll hardly need to use the warranty—Coachmen protects its sidewalls with a high gloss coat that’s made of gel. It keeps the exterior shiny and makes sure the colors don’t fade.

Jayco, on the other hand, has much more to offer in terms of warranty. It claims to have the best warranty offerings in the RV industry, and it lives up to its claims.

The company provides a two-year limited warranty that covers your RV for 24,000 miles. The newer models, starting from 2020, have a 3-year structural warranty, covering the sidewalls, roofs, and floors.

Jayco RVs also come with warranties from suppliers. So, for example, if the RV contains a Samsung fridge, you’ll have its warranty covered. The same goes for the Goodyear tires and Congoleum flooring.

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If you’re considering an RV for rental, the long-term durability probably won’t be a priority. Instead, you’ll want to enjoy the features of the trailer, and you’ll want to find an RV that fulfills your needs for that short time period.

Coachmen offers an RV for every camper. The company manufactures a wide array of products, so you’ll undoubtedly find what you’re looking for there.

Jayco’s trailers are highly comfortable, and they have luxurious interiors, but their exteriors are a bit average. As a result, they’re more suited for long-term living, and they’re a bit expensive to rent.


In terms of durability, Coachmen trailers are hard to match. They’re made of highly durable composite, and they go under tough tests to make sure they’re coming out in the perfect condition.

However, the biggest pro of Coachmen remains the high versatility of its products. The company makes RVs for everyone, and they’re more on the affordable side. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-light travel trailer or a fully-fledged RV to live in, you’ll find what you want at Coachmen.

Moving on to Jayco, the company’s strong suit is the comfort of its trailers. Users who’ve tried Jayco claim the RVs are ideal for living inside. They sleep well, they have large rooms for guests, and they have advanced features inside to enjoy.

In other words, Jayco’s trailers are homey, making them the right choice for people looking for an RV to live in.


Like all RVs on the market, Coachmen trailers pack a few downsides—mainly related to the interiors. Some users encountered flimsy drawers and slides, and others reported shower and sink leaks.

It’s believed that Coachmen lost their magic touch, trying to provide various types of RVs. The company still makes some pretty good trailers for trips and camps, but they may not be the best for long-term ownership.

All of Jayco’s cons are associated with its warranties. Most users reported they faced 4–5 warranty issues in their first years of owning a Jayco RV. That’s mainly because the warranty repairs aren’t fulfilled through Jayco. Instead, they go through other dealerships.

The con isn’t a deal-breaker, but you might as well get ready to tackle a lot of warranty issues if you plan to own a Jayco.

Wrap Up

Jayco and Coachmen are both reliable and reputable. You’ll probably be satisfied with either, but each company is typically more suitable for specific needs.

Remember to consider Coachmen’s interior issues and Jayco’s warranty hassles. All RVs come with downsides; what’s important is to choose the downsides you’re willing to live with.