Jayco RV Review

Jayco RV Review: Should You Purchase Their RVs?

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Since 1968, Jayco has satisfied millions of adventurous Americans with their innovative RVs. Today, they sure are one of the most acclaimed RV manufacturers, but do they really live up to this reputation? That’s what you’ll know in my Jayco RV review. I’ll talk about:

  • The general features of Jayco’s RVs.
  • The best Jayco travel trailers in 2020.
  • The most crucial disadvantages of Jayco.
  • And lots more!

Without any further ado, let’s start delving into the details!

Jayco RV Review: What You’ll Typically See in Jayco Products

Later in this article, I’ll review some of my favorite Jayco trailers with a detailed description of their features and floorplans. But for now, let’s see some of the technologies and perks that you’ll find in any Jayco trailer, camper, RV, etc.

Goodyear Endurance Tires

Goodyear Endurance Tires

To guarantee impeccable safety, Jayco partners up with Goodyear, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty tires. All the recent Jayco travel trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheels feature the Endurance trailer tire.

What makes that tire special? Well, its polyester cord body is reinforced with two layers of nylon and two steel belts. That’s how it can handle massive loads with little to no air loss.

On the sides, Goodyear adds an extra layer of sturdy rubber that can effectively defend against punctures and scuffs — a feature that goes by the name “Durawall”.

I absolutely like the unique tread depth and decoupling grooves. Thanks to Goodyear’s special design, these attributes maintain effective temperature control, even while driving at full speed.


These tires are covered by a 6-year prorated warranty. If you’re unfamiliar, prorated warranties don’t entail a free replacement. Instead, the company covers a percentage of the repair costs; however, that percentage decreases with time.

For instance, if a tire fails after three years, Jayco will reimburse only 50% of the purchase price. It would’ve been ideal if Jayco dedicates an initial non-prorated period for, say, a year, during which you’ll be eligible for free replacements.

JaySMART Safety Lighting System

JaySMART Safety Lighting System in action,

Road accidents are no joke. And with the busy nature of our country, these unfortunate accidents become even more alarming. In 2018, records revealed that about 12 million vehicles encountered varying degrees of crashes!

We can’t really identify a common culprit for these accidents. However, faulty lights usually take the blame. If other drivers can’t communicate with you, accidents become almost inevitable.

Jayco wanted to change that for good. That’s why they came up with the JaySMART safety lighting system. This system denotes a broad set of LED lights, installed in conjunction with the basic trailer lights and indicators.

How Does It Work?

After hooking your Jayco travel trailer, the JaySMART system will automatically sync with the tow vehicle’s signals without any special adjustments.

When you apply your vehicle brakes, two or more rear LEDs will flash three times before they stay illuminated. After activating the turn signals, the LEDs will flash on the front, rear, and side of the trailer. And when you turn on the hazard lights, all LEDs will work simultaneously.

The thing I like the most about those lights is the fact that Jayco places them at the uppermost position on trailers. This way, you can maintain effective communication with other drivers, regardless of their vehicle height.

The JaySMART system may also include a large LED backlight. Thanks to its powerful illumination, this light will make it much easier to drive your tow vehicle in reverse.

The Magnum Truss Roof

Jayco prides itself on having a robust roof system that puts other competitors to shame. According to the official website, tests revealed that Jayco’s Magnum Truss roof is 50% stronger than most of the commercially famous alternatives.

How? Well, that impeccable strength traces back to the construction process. Jayco secures the roof decking by driving multiple screws at each seam. Some brands replace those screws with puny staples that provide neither depth nor support. With time, these staples tend to loosen, thereby puncturing the rubber roof cover.

To support the truss, Jacyo replaces the typical aluminum studs with wooden ones. At first glance, this might seem like a downgrade. However, since Jayco uses 2”x2” studs, they maximize the load capacity way more than the thinner aluminum.

After assembling the truss, Jayco secures it in place with oversized nail plates on both sides. Other brands use smaller blades on one side only, which increases the possibility of sudden detachment.

The Jayco Warranty: A Devil in Disguise

If you’ve ever visited Jayco’s official website, you must’ve stumbled upon their age-old claim — “Jayco’s warranty is the best in the RV business.” But does it really live up to this promise? Let’s see!

2+3 Warranty

At first glance, Jayco seems to offer a generous warranty. You get a 2-year limited warranty that extends for 24,000 miles for motorized vehicles. Other brands offer half that period with a much-limited coverage.

Additionally, models purchased after 2020 have an extra year of structural warranty. This covers things like the roof, laminated walls, and floors.

Partners’ Warranties

Parts that Jacyo purchases from other manufacturers aren’t covered in the main warranty. Instead, Jayco arranges special warranty programs with those manufacturers according to the nature of each part.

To put things into perspective, take a look at the following table that details almost all of Jayco’s partners alongside their warranties.

3 yearsCongoleum Designer Carefree FlooringMORyde Rubber Pin BoxOnan Generator (with a maximum of  2,000 hrs)Standard Technologies Fuel Pump system
5 yearsBGS Graphics (Fifth Wheels)Winegard Rayzar & Roadstar Antenna PartsDexter Axles Whirlpool RefrigeratorInverter Compressor (10 Years on Compressor Parts)
6 yearsGoodyear Endurance Tires Intervac Central Vacuum
7 yearsShaw Vinyl FlooringDometic Fantastic Fan
10 yearsShaw Floor Padding
12 yearsDi-Flex II Roofing Material
25 yearsPmax Industrial Floor Decking
LifetimeTredit Aluminum WheelsDometic – Fantastic Fan Dome

How Does the Warranty Works?

If you ever encounter a defect in a Jayco travel trailer, you’ll have to reach out to your local dealer in order to diagnose the problem. Afterward, the dealer will contact Jayco to get a confirmation on the warranty request.

This circle has proved to be tedious for many customers. While Jayco itself has a friendly customer service, the local deals often don’t. You might have to wait for 2–3 months just to get your warranty worked on. If you’re unlucky enough to have several defects, a significant period of your warranty will go down the drain.

So all in all, I have to say that Jayco’s warranty is nothing but a hollow promise. It sure isn’t “the best in the RV business!”

We’ve compared Jayco with other reputable RV brands in terms of warranty and other key features, here are some useful comparison guides:

Jayco’s Top Travel Trailers

After discussing the general features, we can start reviewing some of the best RVs from Jayco.

Hummingbird Trailers

Hummingbird Trailers

As the name implies, the Hummingbird is Jayco’s lightest travel trailer with a weight that ranges between 1,500 and 3,000 pounds.

To give better protection against the elements, Jayco constructed this trailer’s sidewalls and floors with vacuum bonding.

The 2020 model comes with five different floorplans that range from 13 to 20 feet. I particularly like the 10RK model because it packs all the features that a small family will need in minimal size. However, most people may not appreciate that the kitchen is only accessible from outside.

All the Hummingbird trailers come with Jayco’s Teddy Bear mattress that excels in terms of comfort. This is such a valuable perk for folks who like to embark on lengthy journeys.

The 17RB, the most elaborate model, comes with a convection microwave, 2-way refrigerator, foot-flush toilet, dry-design shower, and a linen cabinet.

Jay Feather Micro Trailers

Jay Feather Micro Trailer

Until now, Jayco hasn’t announced a 2021 version of the Hummingbird trailer. If you want to buy a recent model, you can opt for a Jay Feather Micro. Just like their predecessors, these trailers can have an absolutely minimal build that weighs 1,500 pounds. The most elaborate floorplan weighs about 4,500 pounds, which is a prominent upgrade to the Hummingbird.

The 12SRK, the smallest floorplan, replaces the bed with a small futon sofa, which makes it ideal for single campers. The kitchen is also minimal with a 17″ Blackstone griddle, 12V Dometic cooler, and a small TV.

The 199MBS, the largest model, offers a surprisingly elaborate experience. You’ll get a queen bed, double 90″ bunk beds, a residential fridge, a microwave, and a U-shaped dinette. I especially like the outside kitchen with the griddle and 14-foot awning — that’s no small feat for lightweight trailers. Check our Review of the Jayco Jay Feather travel trailers if you need to learn more about this line.

Jay Flight Bungalow Trailers

Jay Flight Bungalow Trailers

Do you want to enjoy the most luxurious camping ever? The Jay Flight Bungalow should be your best bet. Since the initial release in 2001, the unmatched beauty of the Jay Flight series has made it the best-selling travel trailer in America. In 2015, Jayco revamped the Bungalow to provide even more quality.

I absolutely like the farmhouse interior because it gives that warm, inviting feel. All the floorplans come with a reclining sofa that sits in front of a 50-inch TV. If you’re going on a trip with nobody but your significant other, you’ll love having dinner next to the romantic electric fireplace.

With four floorplans, you’re guaranteed to find what you need without compromising on weight and towing.

The 40LOFT, the most elaborate model, has a spacious loft above the main bedroom. Since it contains two bed mats, this loft would be ideal for accommodating unexpected campsite guests.

White Hawk

White Hawk

The White Hawk trailer suits people who want to experience true luxury without straying away from the lightweight category (5,300–7,500 pounds). The latest 2021 version comes with an automotive-style windshield that, together with the other windows, gives a fantastic 360-view.

With 11 floorplans, the White Hawk trailers provide the greatest variety. These plans include an outside shower, a 34-inch-radius inner shower with a solid enclosure, a porcelain foot flush toilet, a large medicine cabinet, and a sizeable powered roof vent.

As for the bedroom, this trailer comes with either a king or queen-sized bed. The room is enhanced with romantic LED lights and broad frameless windows.

Moving on to the rest of the trailer, you’ll find an 8-cubic-foot refrigerator, 3-burner recessed cooktop with oven, and a microwave. There are also a 40-inch TV and powerful Bluetooth speakers to pass the time.

Eagle Trailers

Eagle Trailer

Those who want the ultimate travel trailer should definitely consider the Eagle series. It’s one of the largest models offered by Jayco with a maximum weight of 9,800 pounds. You can choose between 4 residential-style floorplans that provide pretty much the same amenities with minor design tweaks.

I like how Jayco paid extra attention to the kitchen. You’ll get an amazing outdoor kitchen with a hybrid cooktop grill to take advantage of the lovely summer nights. On the inside, you’ll find a 13.5-cubic-foot refrigerator, yet some plans offer massive 21-cubic-foot alternatives.

While you’re chilling on the theatre seating, you’ll be able to enjoy a marvelous entertainment center with an electric fireplace and Bluetooth speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jayco trailers made by the Amish?

Jayco’s headquarters is based in Middlebury, Indiana. Since the Amish are pretty common there, their community, alongside Mennonites, comprises about three-quarters of Jayco’s workforce.

This fact is one of the reasons why most Jayco trailers feel so warm and welcoming, just like a typical Amish farmhouse.

How long is Jayco’s warranty?

The basic warranty covers the RV for two years or 24,000 miles for motorized vehicles.

Starting from 2020, all RVs come with an additional year of structural warranty that covers the roof, laminated walls, and floors.

The Final Word

As you saw, Jayco’s state-of-the-art designs check a lot of boxes. The fact that all the models come with Goodyear Endurance tires is a valuable safety perk for folks who like to camp on a regular basis.

The most prominent disadvantage is in the warranty. Yes, Jayco offers what seems to be the most extended warranty on the market. But the daunting process will probably devour a significant portion of that period.

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