Herschel Nova vs. Settlement
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You leave to go to work; you grab your bag. You leave to go to school; you grab your bag. You leave to go on a trip; you grab your bag. You leave to… Well, you get the idea!.

Your bag follows you wherever you go. Whether it’s for everyday use or special occasions, you want to find the best bag out there because it’ll be accompanying you a lot.

Looking into the Herschel brand, the Nova and Settlement bags might’ve caught your attention, but you’re having a hard time choosing between the two.

Stick around because, in this Herschel Nova vs. Settlement post, we compare the two bags side by side so that it’s easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Herschel Nova vs. Settlement: Overview

In our opinion, the Herschel Nova bag is best for going out with friends and for special occasions, thanks to its compact size and colorful patterns. The Herschel Settlement, on the other hand, is more comfortable, thanks to its breathable straps, which makes it ideal for school and work. 

ImageProductDetails  Price
Herschel NovaHerschel NovaBest for special occasions & going out with friendsCheck Price
Herschel SettlementHerschel SettlementBest for school & workCheck Price

In-Depth Comparison

Before deciding which model you want to resort to, several factors are worth considering.

Check out our comprehensive guide below for a detailed comparison between the Nova and the Settlement.


One of the first factors you should look at is the backpack’s capacity. This will determine where you’ll use your bag the most.

If you’re looking to go on a camping trip, then the more spacious, the better. But, on the other hand, a little hang out with some friends wouldn’t need much space.

If you’re looking for a larger capacity, the standard Herschel Settlement backpack is your go-to. It can fit up to 23L instead of the mid-volume Nova model that only covers 18L.

Nevertheless, the Nova backpack comes with a slightly wider range of options than the Settlement model’s two sizes (mid-volume and standard).

If you’re interested in smaller capacities, the Nova has three options for you: mini, small, and mid-volume. Their capacities are 9L, 14L, and 18L, respectively.


Herschel Nova Backpack, Black, Mid-Volume 18.0L

Taste and functionality can both fall under the design category. How the backpack is built can make or break a purchase.

Let’s take a deeper look into each Herschel model’s design features.

Color and Pattern

If you have a specific color preference, Herschel backpacks will not disappoint. The Nova model has many color and pattern options, amounting to around 28 colors and patterns. Meanwhile, the Settlement model offers about 26 options.

We should note that these options are mostly available in larger sizes. Smaller sizes have fewer color options available (around six to seven).

While both have a large number of alternatives to choose from, each model has its unique color pattern and style. For instance, the mid-volume Nova backpack can come in an artsy pastel tie-dye or a watercolor floral color pattern.

The Herschel Settlement backpack comes in a variety of minimalist styles. They’re mostly one-color options such as ivy green or Moroccan blue.

If you’re looking for something a little more extra, the Settlement also has checkered, camo, and crosshatch options to choose from.

Overall, we’d recommend the Nova option for school and hangouts, while the Settlement might be more fitting in a formal setting.


Herschel Settlement Backpack, Blk, Classic 23.0L

Most buyers are looking for comfortable and adjustable straps. You might want to consider the Settlement’s padded shoulder straps; they’re versatile and comfort-fitted. In this aspect, this model could be a better choice for school and work.

Looking at the Nova, you might have limited options. This model isn’t equipped with padded straps. The straps are thin and might be stressful on your shoulders. We’d recommend you carry lighter items in this backpack.

Compartments and Zippers

While both Herschel models look somewhat similar, there are a few differences you can point out in terms of their pockets and zippers.

While they both have laptop sleeves inside and an outer compartment, the Nova has two extra side compartments for your water bottle. It also has a double-handle design where you can carry it from the top and as a backpack.

The Settlement option has a better chance of carrying your laptop. It can take either 13-inch laptops with a mid-volume size or 15-inch ones with a standard size.

If you prefer double zippers, the Nova might be your best option since the Settlement only comes with one close zipper.


Most Herschel backpacks are made of durable synthetic fabrics to withstand almost anything. That being so, the Settlement and Nova models differ slightly in their fabric blend.

The Nova is composed of a polyester blend, which might provide you with a longer lifespan than other backpacks. It’ll make the bag ideal for work and school. The main con of polyester fabric is that it can be less porous, which wouldn’t be ideal for outdoor trips.

Meanwhile, Herschel’s Settlement line is made of nylon fabric. This type of fabric might be a more well-suited option if you plan on using your bag every day.

The Settlement line might also give you more stretch and comfort. The downsides of nylon are that it conserves a lot of heat, and it’s easily stainable by dyes in the washing machine.

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A waterproof backpack is sometimes a must, especially if you live in areas where it rains constantly. Luckily, the Nova model is waterproof since it’s made out of polyester.

The Settlement might not be up to standard in the waterproof department. This means that the Nova backpack wins this round.


When it comes to the price factor, there isn’t much contrast. Both the Settlement and Nova backpacks have similar price ranges.

Since the Nova offers more size options, there are a select few price options to choose from. The mini Nova backpack is the most affordable out of the bunch due to its smaller capacity. The priciest out of all options would be the standard Settlement backpack.

There’s another version from both models that cater to you if you have little ones around: the Sprout Nova and Settlement. However, they come at a more expensive price.

To Conclude

Choosing the right backpack could be a long-term decision. You’ll want it to last as much as possible. Given the high quality of Herschel bags, you’ll be in good hands.

The Nova might be easier on the eyes but not as easy on your back. You might be sacrificing comfort for appearance here.

On the other hand, the Settlement backpack will provide you with more space and comfort with a minimal design, fit for most workplaces.

This is why we recommend purchasing the Settlement backpack. Although slightly more pricey, we believe it’ll be worth it in the long run.