Big Frig Cooler vs. Yeti

Big Frig Cooler vs. Yeti: Which to Choose?

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Nothing hits better than an ice-cold drink on a road trip, don’t you agree?

Whether you’re hiking, off-roading, or merely going on a picnic, your cooler is your most valued possession. That’s why you need to do thorough research before buying it, or else you’ll be drinking half-cold drinks with condensation dripping off them for your whole trip.

If you’re already considering Big Frig and Yeti coolers but are still unsure about which to get, this article is for you!

We’ll provide you with an overview of Big Frig cooler vs. Yeti cooler to help you choose the cooler that will make your camping or beach trip a better experience. So, keep reading!

Big Frig Cooler vs. Yeti Overview

When comparing Big Frig and Yeti coolers, both are made of durable rotomolded plastic. Big Frig is resistant to scratches and UV rays, while Yeti is bear-proof, and customers who have owned it for years say it still looks new. Both are available in different sizes and colors and offer customizations. Yeti retains ice for a longer time, whereas Big Frig is more affordable.

What’s Different?

So, what’s the difference between Big Frig coolers, the relatively new brand, and Yeti, which some see as a market leader? Let’s find out!

Features and Colors

Both Big Frig and Yeti coolers come out in different sizes and colors. Yeti coolers have more variety, though, whether hard-sided or soft-sided. But, Big Frig coolers are hard-sided only.

Big Frig

Big Frig coolers give attention to details. For example, their lids are slip-resistant. If you like to have your hands free while adding ice, the lid won’t fall.

Moreover, Big Frig coolers have a built-in fish ruler, cutting board, and bottle opener.

Besides, to make it easy for you to open the cooler lid without placing too much force, they’ve got a vacuum release button to equalize the pressure.

Finally, Big Frig coolers are equipped with dual drain plugs for you to get rid of the extra water inside the cooler.

As for the size, Big Fig is available in six sizes: 10 qt, 20 qt, 45 qt, 70 qt, 75 qt, and 110 qt. Only two sizes come with wheels: the 70 quarts and 110 quarts. That way, you can drag the cooler easily.

Based on customers’ reviews, a few complained about the strap handle that isn’t good enough for pulling the cooler around, but they were satisfied with the wheels.

As for colors, Big Frig has the standard ones, white, sand, red-white, desert camo, and the camouflage limited edition.

But you have unlimited options of colors and designs if you order Big Frig customized coolers.

Yeti Cooler

YETI Tundra 35 Cooler, Desert Tan

First of all, Yeti has a wide variety of sizes and colors. There are around 25 different shapes and sizes, and ten colors, such as navy, white, tan, and yellow. In addition, Yeti regularly releases limited edition coolers with attractive colors. You can also custom-design your Yeti cooler here.

Yeti has also released a stainless steel cooler that you can see here.

Unfortunately, there’s only one size of Yeti coolers that’s available with wheels for an extra cost. It’s the 65 qt, which is ideal for camping.

Moving on, Yeti’s insulation is very thick, 2 to 3 inches, which gives the Yeti coolers extra firmness. Some users don’t like how the drainage spout isn’t attached to the cooler. However, considering the array of benefits, it’s a small price to pay.

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Notably, both Big Frig and Yeti hard-sided coolers are made of rotomolded plastic, which makes them durable and unbreakable. Both also offer a five-year warranty.

Big Frig

According to the manufacturers, a Big Frig cooler is resistant to drops, scratches, and UV radiation. So, if you’re a regular beach-goer, this may be your perfect cooler.

According to common reviews, customers find it as high quality as the other more expensive coolers.

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Yeti Cooler

When it comes to quality, Yeti coolers are bear-proof and wouldn’t break even if you try. So, if you’re a camping enthusiast, Yeti could be a good choice for you.

Based on reviews, customers find that the Yeti cooler has no defects, and its plastic has a premium feel.

Ice Retention

According to the manufacturers, Big Frig and Yeti coolers are compatible with regular and dry ice.

Big Frig

Big Frig Badlands Cooler Bundle 45 QT White.  Includes Cutting Board/Divider and Basket. , Multi

A Big Frig cooler would typically retain ice for:

  • Seven days for the highly demanded size (45 qt)
  • Ten days or more for the bigger sizes (70, 75, and 110 qt)

Yeti Cooler

A Yeti cooler would typically hold ice for:

  • Ten days (45 qt)
  • Two weeks or more (160 qt)

However, you need to pre-chill the cooler and contents beforehand.


When comparing the weight of the 45 qt coolers of both brands, we’ve found that the Big Frig cooler is slightly heavier than a Yeti. Here are the details!

Big Frig

Based on common reviews, the Big Frig cooler has a comfy handle, making it easier for you to carry. The 45 qt Big Frig cooler weighs 29.3 lbs (13.2 kg) when empty. Some may find it too heavy to carry.

Yeti Cooler

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler, White

The 45 qt Yeti cooler weighs 23.0 lbs (10.4 kg) when empty. Based on reviews, a few customers find it a little heavy, but it’s still lighter than the Big Frig.

Price and Value for Money

Let’s explore the price and value for money of Big Frig and Yeti coolers.

Big Frig

The Big Frig coolers are affordable. Their website also offers several discounts regularly, which you can check out here. As for the 70 qt cooler with wheels, it costs a little more than the standard design.

Big Frig is a good choice if you’re looking for a satisfactory value for money.

Yeti Cooler

Most reviewers find the Yeti coolers pricey, whereas others believe its value as a status symbol makes it worth the money.

You can get more information about the Yeti price range here.

Generally, the Yeti cooler is the more expensive option, but it offers good value for money.

The Bottom Line

To sum up our Big Frig cooler vs. Yeti guide, both offer you durability, a variety of sizes and colors, and customization. However, the Big Frig cooler is heavier than the Yeti, which is one thing to consider.

If you’re keen on having the best ice retention, Yeti may be your best choice. However, you need to pre-chill the cooler and contents before use.

On the other hand, if you’re on a limited budget or interested in saving your money while still getting a high-quality cooler, Big Frig would make a better choice.

Finally, Big Frig coolers offer you more features, while Yeti present a wider variety of coolers types and shapes.