Lamzac vs Laybag

Lamzac vs Laybag: Head-to-Head Comparison (2021)

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There is nothing worse than going to a beach or park and being unable to find a place to sit. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the popularity of inflatable sofas is on the rise.

Inflatable sofas are comfortable, compact, easy to set up, and can be used almost everywhere. The most popular of these sofas are the Laybag and Lamzac models. In this article, I’ll put Lamzac vs Laybag head-to-head to help you make a quick decision.

This article will also contain:

  • Prices
  • Differences in the properties
  • Similarities in the properties
  • How to inflating the sofas

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Lamzac vs Laybag Overview

The Laybag and Lamzac are both inflatable sofas that don’t require an external pump to inflate. They are lightweight and easy to set up or store. The Lamzac is made of polyester. While the Laybag is nylon, which is more durable, expensive, and can be used in more conditions; accounting for the steep price difference.

ImageProductDetails  Price
LamzacFatboy Lamzac Inflatable SofaBest Budget ChoiceCheck Price
Laybag Inflatable SofaLaybag Inflatable SofaBest OverallCheck Price


At first glance, these two products look identical. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The few differences in the properties of the Laybag and Lamzac impact their uses, durability, and even price. So let’s break it down.

The Material

The material used for each of these inflatable sofas is the key to understanding the price difference and why one is considered to be more durable than the other. So let’s go into detail! 


The Laybag is made out of eco-friendly ripstop parachute nylon. This material is very durable. Therefore, the Laybag can be used on any terrain; snow, water, grass, or even rocks.

Because of the improved technology it utilizes and its durability, the Laybag was awarded the World Innovation Product Award in 2016. It’s also been given German Engineered quality status.


Unlike the Laybag the Lamzac is made of durable polyester parachute ripstop. It’s mainly intended for use in the woods. The Laybag also differs from the Lamzac because it can be used on water. Therefore, it can be used as a pool lounger.

The Verdict

Despite the fact that both nylon and polyester are synthetic fabrics, there’s a lot of difference in their qualities. Nylon is usually more weather-resistant due to its low water absorbency. The low absorbency is why the Laybag can be used in the water.

Nylon is also more durable. This is why the Laybag can be used in a wider variety of conditions. Both are sun, flame, and heat-resistant. However, the Lamzac is more heat-resistant because of the polyester fabric.

The Prices

One of the most noticeable differences for consumers when it comes to these two products is the price difference. Despite being almost indistinguishable from each other, the Laybag is more than double the price of the Lamzac.

However, the price difference is explainable. As we mentioned before, the Laybag is made out of nylon, whereas the Lamzac is polyester.

The production of nylon is more expensive and therefore costs more. Since the material is more durable and expensive, the price of the Laybag is significantly higher than the Lamzac.


If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option and don’t mind the slightly limited set-up conditions, then the Lamzac is the way to go. However, if you want to use your inflating couch in a variety of weather conditions or locations, the Laybag might be the better choice.

The Setting-Up and Storage

The Setting-Up

Both the Laybag and the Lamzac can be inflated within seconds. They don’t require an external pump and are inflated in the same way. They both have two compartments. To inflate them, you need to open the compartments one at a time.

First, swing the inflatable sofa to one side to fill it with air and close it quickly. Repeat that step until the compartment is sufficiently filled with air. Follow the same steps for the second compartment.

After both compartments are relatively filled, twist the open ends inwards towards the other end of the sofa and then fasten it into position using the belt.

When you’re ready to pack it up, open the compartments to let the air out. Roll up the sofa and store it into its carrying bag.Both are easy to inflate, deflate and store.


It’s a similar situation here, so I’d say it’s a tie.

The Weight

There’s no difference between the weight of the Laybag and the Lamzac. Both weigh 1.3Kg. They both can support the same weight. The maximum weight that both of the inflatable sofas can support is 200Kg. They have high resistance and can therefore carry a heavy load.

The Colors

The Laybag and Lamzac both come in a variety of different colors.


The Laybag comes in eight colors; black, green, blue, pink, clementine, outdoor olive, ruby, and sienna.


On the other hand, the Lamzac comes in only seven different colors; aqua blue, black, fuchsia, grass green, purple, red, and olive green. However, the Lamzac has high UV colorfastness. This means that the color of the sofa is relatively resistant to fading.


The Laybac offers an additional colour. However, the Lamzac would ensure that the colour of your sofa remains vibrant for much longer due to its colorfastness.

In Conclusion

Both the Laybag and the Lamzac are extremely similar when it comes to set up, storage and function.They make a great portable, outdoor accessory that can be used when seating is scarce.

If you’re planning on using your inflatable couch in areas where there is snow, rocks, or a large body of water, the Laybag is better suited for your needs. This is mainly due to the durability provided by the nylon it’s made of.

On the other hand, the Lamzac offers a cheaper option but it has slightly less durability. However,the Lamzac is also made of ripstop fabric and is still extremely durable.

Additionally, the Lamzac has a high colorfastness. This’ll ensure that your inflatable sofa still looks newer for longer.