Jansport vs. North Face Backpack
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Whether you’re a student, a hiker, or a city dweller who doesn’t want to bother carrying all their stuff around, having a backpack will always come in handy! Backpacks are large, reliable, and allow you to carry more objects while keeping both of your hands-free!

The thing is, picking the right backpack can sometimes be a tricky task with all the options that the market has to offer. If you’re into simple and reliable backpacks, there are two brands to consider, Jansport and North Face.

To help you pick the ideal one for your needs, we’ve put the Jansport vs. North Face backpack in a head-to-head comparison. Let’s check them out!

Jansport vs. North Face Backpack Overview

Both backpacks are made from similar materials but the North Face is slightly larger, less durable, but much more comfortable to carry around all day. On the other hand, Jansport is sturdy, compact, and comes at a significantly more affordable price tag, making it a better choice for buyers on a more limited budget.

ImageProductDetails  Price
The North Face BorealisNorth Face Women’s BorealisLarger & More Comfortable to Carry All DayCheck Price
Herschel Little America BackpackJanSport SuperBreak One BackpackSturdy & AffordableCheck Price

A Brief Comparison

The best way to differentiate between two backpacks is by comparing them in terms of the main aspects to consider when buying one, especially that both backpacks are designed for the same purposes. Let’s check them out:

Materials Quality

The North Face Women's Borealis, TNF Black, OS

The material of the bag is one of the most essential aspects that affect many other features, such as durability, water resistance, and price.

In that case, both the Jansport and the North Face backpacks are made completely from polyester.

This fabric is characterized by being decently durable while staying incredibly lightweight and highly affordable.

Both backpacks are even built with the same level of polyester thickness, which is 600 Denier. However, some North Face backpacks are made of 300 Denier polyester, which is slightly flimsier than original Jansport backpacks.


In addition to the materials, the durability of the bag is based mainly on its design and stitching. Both of these bags have double stitching where it matters to reinforce the backpack and prevent it from wear and tear.

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Zippers are also an aspect of durability because broken zippers are quite difficult to fix and you might need to buy a whole new backpack for that.

Both backpacks use the same type of zippers, which aren’t the most durable on the market, although they can last for quite some time if you use them carefully.

The seams of the zippers aren’t sealed, so the fabric of the backpacks is water-resistant, but water can leak into the back through the zipper seams.

Size and Backpack Capacity

Both the original Jansport and North Face backpack come in a fairly similar size, weight, and capacity, although the North Face outperforms the Jansport in this aspect with a very slight margin.

The Jansport has a capacity of 1550 cubic inches or 25 liters while the North Face is a little larger with a capacity of 1700 cubic inches or 28 liters, allowing you to carry more items in the backpack.

North Face backpacks, such as the Borealis, weigh a bit more than the original Jansport backpack, although both of them are typically lightweight.

Compartments Organization

The North Face Women's Borealis, TNF Black, OS

The compartment organization is one of the aspects where North Face typically performs better than Jansport.

The Jansport backpack has only one main compartment along with a front pocket with a zipper for easy access. It doesn’t have any type of internal pockets and compartments, such as a laptop sleeve.

On the other hand, the North Face has a larger capacity, which allows it to house a slightly smaller main compartment, along with a secondary compartment and two side pockets to separate your items.

North Face also adds a fleece-lined laptop sleeve in most of its models, including the Borealis, which is capable of housing a 15-inch laptop. However, North Face usually ditches the front pock in favor of an elastic bungee system

Variety of Colors and Designs

Both brands offer a huge range of color options for their backpacks, so you can choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Although North Face offers a wider range of backpacks while Jansport has more designs and color options per backpack, so it’s a matter of personal preference.

Padding and Straps

Both bags come with padded straps that can be lowered up to a standard 15 inches so they can be at a comfortable height.

North Face backpacks also have plenty of padding on the back to make the back more comfortable to carry while the Jansport has a flat back that is sleek in design but doesn’t sit as comfortable as North Face.


Both the back padding and straps in the North Face are made from foam with mesh fabrics. This design also incorporates Flexi-vent technology to prevent sweaty backs and improve ventilation of the bag.

On the other hand, Jansport is designed so that it’s as minimal as possible, so they lack padding around the backpack, which makes them more suitable for shorter trips rather than a full-day haul.

Ease of Cleaning

Since both bags are made from the same materials, they can be cleaned using the same method.

Both bags aren’t suitable for washing machines and can only be hand-washed with warm soapy water.

Price and Warranty

The price is one of the most lucrative aspects that make the Jansport stand out against the North Face backpack.

Jansport’s is significantly more affordable than the North Face backpack, although they’re made from the same materials and have a pretty close capacity.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

This wraps it up for today’s guide that puts Jansport vs North Face backpack in a head-to-head comparison.

As you can see, both backpacks are excellent at what they do. However, if you want a backpack that is more comfortable for day-long hauls, we recommend the North Face.

However, if you’re on a strict budget and want a backpack that can get the job done with no hassle, Jansport backpacks should be a better option!