Forest River vs Winnebago

Forest River vs Winnebago – RV Brand Comparison

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Did you know that, up until recently, people used to refer to all RVs as Winnebagos? Regardless of the brand you have, your neighbor would pop in and say, “That’s a great-looking Winnebago!” That’s how much Winnebago had control over the RVs market.

Forest River, on the other hand, is fairly new to the industry. Yet, it hasn’t let that stop them from honing their craft and quickly earning customers’ trust. Their designs are budget-friendly, innovative, and best of all, fun!

These companies have become two of the biggest names in the business. Because we know buying an RV is a big investment, we wanted to give you the full rundown in our Forest River vs Winnebago review.

We’ll compare their most important features. We’ll also talk about some of their advantages, as well as a few shortcomings to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s get started.

Forest River vs Winnebago Overview

Winnebago RVs are known for their modern-day comfort and convenience. Their models come in all sizes, shapes, and price ranges. Forest River has proven to be a formidable opponent. Their manufacturers are constantly developing new designs to suit every style and budget. Both Forest River and Winnebago continue to impress us with their functionality and safety features.

The In-Depth Comparison

Now that we’ve introduced you to Forest River and Winnebago, let’s talk about each one in more detail.


Ever since they launched in 1996, Forest River has focused on what their customers need in an RV. This is what drives and motivates them to come up with innovative floor plans and designs.

Their campers are lightweight yet surprisingly well-insulated, thanks to their laminate build. Plus, they have clean and crisp exterior designs so you can turn some heads as you drive by.

The company seems to have an unlimited selection of vehicles to choose from. You can find tiny pop-ups and micro-sized R-Pods if you’re going camping alone or as a couple.

They also offer state-of-the-art luxurious showcase Class A motorhomes that take comfort on the road to a whole new level.

Then, you have the Winnebagos, which have been around since 1958. Being one of the oldest manufacturers in the business, they’ve created a respectable and trustworthy brand name.

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of campers, fifth-wheel trailers, and motorhomes. They come in a variety of design choices, customizations, and high-quality build.

Winnebago RVs are known for their aerodynamic build. Having that feature helps reduce drag and makes them easier to tow.


One of the best things about Forest River RVs is their choice of floor plans, with some models offering up to eight different plans to choose from!

The great thing about it is that none of them feel cramped. Even the smaller RVs feel spacious and roomy.

The bathrooms on the Forest River RVs are either wet or dry bathrooms, depending on the size of the vehicle. Some even have two full bathrooms!

Standard kitchens on Forest River RVs include a fridge, sink, and cooktop. Some models, like the Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FKS Travel Trailer, offer a few other exciting extras. These usually come with a double sink, a 3-burner range, and a double-door fridge.

All Forest River bed areas include the following:

  • Bedding
  • Mattress
  • LED lighting
  • Under-bed storage
  • Reading lights at each side of the bed

Winnebago isn’t just an RV company; it’s a brand that has spent the past 60 years honing its skill and perfecting its products. The interiors usually have close to seven inches in headroom. The space itself is always designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

A nice addition in some models is the slide-out countertop. Pull out when it’s time to eat or work, then slide it back in when you’re done to create more space.

As for the bathrooms, some models have a dry bath, whereas others feature a wet bath. The main difference is that dry baths have separate sections for the sink, shower, and toilet. They also offer more storage space.

Winnebago kitchens come with a fridge, stainless sink, and cooktop. Many come with bench seats that act as the kitchen table. Small models only include a pull-out countertop extension to save space.

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Forest River has diversified and expanded as a company over the past 25 years. Though, some customers feel their rapid growth has led to a slight let-down when it comes to the quality of the finished product.

However, their framework and chassis offer good handling. These features are what provide RVers with a safe and enjoyable ride.

Winnebago owners have voiced complaints about flimsy countertops and faucets in some models. Some have also commented on the thinness of the RV walls, which put a damper on winter camping trips.

That being said, Winnebago puts the safety of its customers first. Their frames and wheel axles are made from high-quality materials.


One of the reasons why Forest River has grown so quickly in a short amount of time is its low prices. They often offer products at a fraction of the cost.

No matter what your budget is, you’ll find a Forest River RV somewhere on the list. Having a wide array of models on the market means you can find something within your price limit.

Winnebago RVs range in price from modest and affordable to extreme and expensive. The manufacturers at Winnebago enjoy producing authentic products that fit into any budget.

Their latest and most expensive creation is the Winnebago Horizon Class A motorhome. It comes with all the modern features and amenities that turn this RV into a dream home.


We hope our Forest River vs Winnebago review has given you the information you need to buy your next RV. These reputable brands are known for their high-quality designs and accessible features.

The best thing about these two companies is that they offer customers what they need in their home-away-from-home. It’s how they’ve managed to become household names synonymous with comfort, enjoyment, and fun on the road!