"Weather" or not...

Does Mother Nature control your plans?

By Cliff Maurand

The one ingrediant that we as campers have absolutely no control over, is the weather. And that can create problems for many. Others just take it in stride, and deal with what ever mother nature throws at them. For the most part, there is absolutely nothing one can do about it, you certainly can't change the weather, so you must either work around it, work with it, or change your own plans.

Many people actually cancel their trips if the weather forecast is not in their favor. This might be possible for some people, but I believe most of us have made our plans well in advance, and just have to make do. This question has intriqued us lately, as we have watched the weather for an upcoming trip like a hawk. Though we had no designs on canceling, postponing, or changing our overall plans, we did have to keep the forecast in mind.

While our trip went off without a hitch, the drought in New England took a break during the week we were there, and it managed to rain every single day we were there! Though most of the rain was light, and in an on-n-off fashion, it did affect us to some degree, but it did not stop our camping adventure! We were treated to drizzle, light rain, heavy rain, hail and thunderstorms! Through it all, we managed to have on full day of sunshine & warm weather (the thunderstorms came later that evening), which made the whole trip worthwhile. We never once thought about canceling or shortening the camping trip.

As a whole, the eastern half of the USA & Canada have seen a shortage of rain, and in some of these locations, causing severe draught. This has made camping trips a little easier to deal with, as very few people are getting rained out. While it may be good in that respect, it has also had a detrimental effect to us as campers. The lack of rain and the resulting drought have created very dry forest's, and quite susseptable to brush & forest fires. This of course has forced some states to impose fire ban's, some of which are much earlier in the season than normal.

Out west, the recent fire storms in Colorado and Arizona come to mind. Those these were both set by arsonist. What makes that even more frightening, both were set by people that were both employed in fire fighting or fire pevention. This has affected more than just campers, as many people have been burned out of their homes.

Fire safety is everyones business, particularly for campers who enjoy sitting around a good campfire. Some campers cook by the open flame, be it from the fire pit or a fuel stove. Safety must always be a vigilant factor! Lighting can also set off forest fires, especially when dry conditions such as we're experiencing in many parts of the nation right now. And we all know that no one can prevent lightning strikes!

Mother Nature has a way of wreaking havoc to some of our best laid plans, she's always been that way, and always will be. So whether or not you choose to continue with your plans or change them to suite the weather remains a personal decision, for the most of us, it's just another one of those things!

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